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May 31, 2011



Congratulations Nicole!! Life sure can be exciting eh!!


Congratulations! What a roller coaster ride you are on right now. But this is such a positive...woo hoo for you. You'll be close to that grandbaby now. Good luck.

Barbara Anne

Oh, joy!!!!!!! Baby fun may start even before you're completely unpacked! I'm so happy for the whole family!! Yes, happy dancing is called for!

I still LOVE those garage cabinets but think I'd have to label or number them, then post a master list of what is behind which door!

Will you commute to your new job after your move or will your new job become your former job because it will be too far away?

Count me in for the long haul!



Congratulations, Nicole. New home, new sewing room and then new grandchild. After the worry about your in-laws, you need the good news. Will you be closer to them?


Yay! I am so excited for you Nicole! We moved last summer and most of my blog posts were concerning the move into the new house. I look forward to following along with your move and visiting your new home :-)

Diane Linford

Good luck with the packing! My one piece of advice: mark your boxes and write down in detail what is in each one. It takes a little longer on this end, but when you get there it will make all the difference in the world.


So, so happy for you all! Diane's advice on the list of contents of each box is so right. I did just that on our last big move and was so thankful I made the effort. Hope all goes smoothly!

Mary Kastner

That is the best news for you Nicole! Congratulations. You can be sure I will be keeping track of your whereabouts and doings in the next month. Don't work too hard!

Christine Thomas

Diane is right...we did that and it was SO NICE to go find that one certain box. I'll be following along the whole way. I'm very happy for you, Nicole. It actually gives me heart palpitations to think of moving so I'll pray for you and be glad it's not me!! LOL.


Congratulations and best of luck in moving. I do like the idea of moving--tbut the actual moving sounds like to much work!

Hope things go smoothly for you during the move!


So glad to hear things are looking up for you!!! You must have a permanent grin on your face with that news!! I'll be here reading along about your adventures in moving! Quilts will be back when you get into that great studio and we can enjoy them after you get settled!! Right along with labeling the boxes you might also write 'dining room,' 'kitchen,' etc. so on arrival they are placed in the room where they belong.


Congratulations! Busy and fun times ahead!!


Good news! How quickly you will be buried in boxes...somehow I missed that you sold your house?

Can't wait to see the progress posts on your new place.


Congratulations on final loan approval! Now the real fun begins. Post when you can, we'll understand.

carol fun

Congratulations on your move to Angels Camp - when I lived in Modesto we use to drive up there -- beautiful country! I don't evny you the packing but the destination is certainly worth it!


Moving is never fun, but thinking about your new sewing studio will certainly take some of the stress away. Can't wait to see what it will look like. I'll be looking forward to seeing all the progress you'll be making in your new home. Even if it's not quilt related.


oh you lucky girl with that delightful new studio to look forward too. Moving is a pain, but the end result is usually great. look forward to reading all about the progress.

Sinta Renee

Congratulations.. it must be a relief when you finally get the approval and get past the being on pins and needles part! I have moved A LOT and I can tell you the first rule is... I pack my sewing room, transport it myself and set it up myself (although, I take help carrying the heaps of things). Secondly, I scout out McDonalds for their french fry boxes. The perfect size and everything stacks well... and they are clean. Those are my tips of the day!!!hehe have fun!

Butterfly George

Finally Happy News.Yeaaaa.....Hope all goes well and have fun! Georgeann

Deb A

Between the move and new baby, you're going to be really busy! However, it's me that was wishing I was getting a sewing studio space like you are, instead of my 10 x 11 bedroom space. Lucky you!


I've followed your blog for a few months now...but didn't know where you were located. It was a nice surprise to see you are moving to Angels Camp! I grew up in that area...Arnold, actually, which is about 20 miles east of Angels. All my family still lives there. We all went to Bret Harte High School. It's an awesome community, you will love it! FYI...I married an AF officer, so I had to move away, but go home as often as I can to visit! :)

Debbie R.

I'm so happy to hear that your move is going to happen, and soon. It will be a lot of work and a lot of disruption, but the end result will be wonderful. Enjoy the process ... and for the parts that aren't fun, simply endure and look forward.
Debbie R.


Good luck with the move - I hope it goes smoothly and you settle in really quickly...can't wait to see more photos of your studio!

Elaine S.

Congratulations, Nicole.....what a wonderful move.


Congratulations!! Have fun culling the stuff! ;0

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