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May 24, 2011



Great Job Nicole! I've never met a red quilt I didn't adore, but your Rummy really is winner. Congratulations!!

What a great lesson to us all, it's not about getting a project done, it's getting it done right. Time is your most valuable asset right now, but taking the time to find just the perfect border fabrics was time well spent.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Rummy is PERFECT Nicole! You sure have the precision to make this quilt

Nancy E

Love it! When I first looked at the pictures, I didn't see all the different fabrics you use, but after enlarging it I was amazed at the fabrics and how great they look together. It is a quilt I want to make. Thanks so much for sharing!


Wonderful top & colour's choice.
I received today my "Fat Quarter Winners" book and love all the patterns.

Debbie R.

Rummy is beautiful. Red precision work! It's wonderful. Again, your careful sewing and eye for pattern and colour shine bright.
Debbie R.


Nicole you have out-done yourself this time! Rummy is beyond perfection and I know the designer will agree if she hasn't already seen your red version! Job well done!!

Richelle in TX

Looks beautiful! Love it!

Helen in Switzerland

Nicole, that is a really CLASSIC quilt! Fabulous. Take a bow!!

Denise Schillinger

Very beautiful Nicole...I love the mix of background fabric's in your quilt, I'm sure you were quite pleased to make something completly from your stash.


That's just gorgeous!!

Judy C in NC

What a wonderful quilt finish, Nicole. This is quite lovely and I am definitely partial to red and white quilts. Judy C

Sue Bennett

It is a wonderful quilt. I love the way it came out. The border fabric was a wise choice. Great Job..

Charlene Tudor

Oh! I love a quilt that screams "NAP!" at me. Looks so cuddly.

Stephani in TX

Great quilt Nicole. Points are crisp, clear, no wobble in the straight lines. I noticed the lighter to more tan background right away. Makes your quilt glow from within. Enjoy.

Sandy (Strlady)

Truely a winner (no pun intended). I love the red version. I had a chance to see the blue version at Market and it is wonderful but I think red kicks it up a notch.
Waiting on the border was a great move. This one really works best. Congrats on the finish!


The results are beautiful with the more neutral pattern but the ones you rejected are gorgeous. Hope you can use them somewhere. I love roses.


It's wonderful!!!! Maybe you can use the rose print as part of the backing??? or maybe save it for another lovely project. It will be put to good use, I'm sure!


What a beautiful quilt. The border you ended up with is perfect. I am sure you will find another use for the rejected border.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I would call it "controlled busy." I love it. You did good.


Just simply gorgeous!!!


It is amazing how beautiful the quilts are that you make..... here's another perfect example. The variety of reds and beige/tans are so interesting and keep your eyes moving around the quilt! Great job.


Way to go Nicole!!!! Another winner for sure.


Congrats on using the stash to make such a beauty! Love it. It came together wonderfully and I agree, is very interesting to study and enjoy.


Two very nice finishes. I do think your border choice on the red is right on and you still got to use a nice big print for the second quilt. Life is a 'no peek' journey, Nicole. If we know what tomorrow will bring, we might not make it through today. Breathe, quilt, have a glass of wine. This too, shall pass.

Barbara Anne

What a lovely and cheerful quilt Rummy is! The red border you used lets the quilt center shine and gives it a wonderful frame. Applause, applause, and take a bow!

A quilt shop owner in TX where we used to live encouraged her customers to make the quilt center and then to audition border fabrics at home and at the shop.

What size is this quilt?


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