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June 06, 2011


Barbara Anne

Cute pattern, great fabrics, and interesting idea. I've never done this type applique so will be learning along with you.

I love wall hangings as they can easily be changed seasonally and I don't have huge walls on which to hang quilts. We also have 2 cats and I don't want the cats to hang on the quilts either!



Looking forward to the end result. As soon as I saw the pic I could envision it with one stack of apples going one direction and the other reversed; especially for a table runner.Love your color choices.


Good luck and have fun with your new applique adventure! I am an applique addict, but my method of choice is back-basting applique. It is needleturn and the prep work is the back-basting. I learned to do it by watching a couple of videos online and I expect you can also find videos on the freezer paper/starch method for extra help too! Relax and enjoy yourself - it's a learning process!!!


Did you see that block Six came out over the weekend?
While I was over at Bunny Hill grabbing the new installment I found that Anne mentioned the starch method in a tutorial of Machine Applique. She recommended a DVD by Pearl Pereira. I had heard of this DVD (another blog also recommended it) but have not bought it. I think I might break down and buy it to see what the hoopla is about.


Sounds like you have a winner of an idea making it into a table runner. I will look forward to seeing the progress on this project. I have only done a small amount of applique, which consisted of slapping the fabric piece down and carefully zig-zagging around it. Very beginner stuff.


I love Debbie Mumm! Hope you have a great time learning and I'm looking forward to watching your progress. I've been teaching a class on applique. I really like the needle turn technique the best. It allows for more creativity and less prep time. I'm teaching a class on Sunbonnet Sue this weekend. Have fun.


Good project to start with, Nicole. There are so many ways and techniques out there in ways to do applique. Erin Russek from One Piece at a Time (blog) does a starch technique you may want to look at. She has many tutorials on this technique on her blog. I don't like the starch technique as I find it makes the fabric too stiff and hard to get the needle thru - but that is just my opinion. Erin also posts a free pattern on a quilt she is now working on that you may want to download for a future project. I prefer the simple freezer paper on top, draw around the paper, cut out with a small allowance and needle turn. Not much prep time to it which is why I guess I like it. I also use an overlay. I do that as then there are no lines on your background fabric. You may want to chat with Thelma about this technique as she is using it on her Evening Bloom. I love to piece but find the hand applique relaxing. Have fun with your project!!


Have fun with this Nicole! I've taken classes on this technique and it is fun - and easy. I haven't done it for a while and you are making me want to dust off my needles and jump in! One thing I would recommend is to go on over to Bunny Hill. At the top of her blog is a link to tutorials and check out her tutorial on applique.


I love applique, it's my favorite type of work. I have been using freezer paper, You reverse the shape, draw it on the paper side of freezer paper, and cut on the line, iron to the back of the fabric, cut fabric shape with your 3/8 - 1/4 seam allowance, baste this edge over and you are ready to applique. HOWEVER, I just took a Gwen Marston class and all this just seems so labor intensive now that I've been through a day with Gwen. Needle turn, it's all you need!


Can't say I know what I'm doing since I've only been doing it (by hand) since the fall. But one person I've been following and who does have info on the freezer paper technique (admittedly a technique I've also not tried yet) and pretty much all things applique is Kay McKenzie at "All About Applique" (

Lot of useful info there.


Obviously, great minds think alike...I was just getting ready to start an applique project with freezer paper and starch...I think it was the blog mentioned above and a great quilt featured on someone else's blog that sparked my interest. I hope to get to practicing this week, so I'll be following your blog to see how it goes. I really want a hand-sewing project to take with me this summer.


What a great topic and what I expect to be an interesting week. I can hardly wait to learn more about this method and to see what sort of "fun" you have with it .

Laura Tawney

I took at class recently from Sandra Leichner in needle turn applique at Alisomar and it was a lot of fun. I really like her method.
Laura T


Cute project! I'm interested in hearing your thoughts about the starch method. I use freezer paper, but I use Kim Diehl's method. I just stitch the pieces on by hand instead of by machine.


Oh Nicole, you will generate much good buzz with this and I can't wait to read it all! Your comments todays are very educational, too!


How fun! I'm really going to enjoy watching your progress! I'm all about the freezer paper method!!

Dianne Mitzel

Bless your heart, with all that happened, the iron thingy melting, and other little hitches, I think I would have tossed the entire thing. I love your instructions, so clear, and HONEST!! I have asked those questions so many times, maybe we'll get answers someday. In the meantime, keep plugging away...

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