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June 17, 2011


Lesly Wade-Woolley

Stunning! IIn all respects!


It is beautiful and how nice that is it that if you hadn't mentioned the binding, nobody would have noticed! :) You have enough to do right now with the move so enjoy Belle Meade just as she is.

Judy C in NC

Very beautiful and the combination of the quilt and quilting make it outstanding. Judy C

Barbara Anne

Applause, applause for you - the quilt's creator - and for LeAnne's amazing and wonderful quilting!!! Her quilting really enhances your quilt's beauty. I cannot imagine how you can do a thing except look at this quilt, smile, and happy dance!



The quilt is beautiful Nicole. Amazing quilting.


Fantastic - both the quilt and the quilting. I'm drooling with envy - this would look so perfect in my bedroom. Take a few minutes out from your packing now and then to go and take a peek this lovely creation - it will ground you.

Pat C in Washington

That is so beautiful! Both the quilt and the quilting are awesome.


It is really lovely... congratulations on the finish!

Mary Kastner

Gorgeous! Very nice and the quilting is exquisite. Don't work too hard packing this weekend.



Oh Wow!!!! That is a work of art! Congratulations!!!


Gorgeous, and just in time for your new house! I heard that the Rouenneries line is being re-printed by Moda for next spring.


That quilt is STUNNING Nicole ! What a work of art ! I love how she quilted the flower in each large block like they are in a basket !


It came out beautiful! Love it, love the colors!

Diane Linford

You really have a way with color. The quilting is beautiful too. It really makes a difference.


That is gorgeous!! Wow!!


Oh that's fabulous! All those points matching too. Bad case of the wanties here. I wonder which of your quilts will be first on display in your new house? This would definitely be a contender in my list - even without binding. Elizabeth would be a must of course... hmm, good excuse to have another look through your lovely finish pictures I think.


Maybe you can make the binding for Belle Meade the very first project in your NEW studio!! ...if you can wait that long! Beautiful piecing and quilting! Congrats on another great finish!

Paula Zumaris

I absolutely love your quilt!!! An IL. quilter? Where? Of course I would have to come up with a worthy quilt first. I am still looking for my next real challenge.


It is simply gorgeous! Great work from both of you!


Totally gorgeous! It looks terrific on the bed, binding or not :) Hope you find time to finish it soon.

Helen in Switzerland

Nicole, it's really beautiful. I'm sure you're right, this is one that you will enjoy for many, many years to come!


It is so beautiful! Bravo to you and your new quilter!


Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the quilting so much!! Just a beautiful! A treasure for years to come!


lol, I DIED laughing about the binding not being done....sounds like me!! I have TWO quilts out in my living room that don't have the binding done. My bestfriend just ROLLS her eyes at me. ;0

Thanks for the morning chuckle.

sue bennett

Oh that is beautiful. Love the colors also..

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