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June 13, 2011



Nicole, I'm in the midst of packing, too. I work for a while and then I rest or do something I want to do for a really long while. Gotta get in gear.

Barbara Anne

Oh, dear! I should do the same sorting and tossing even though we're not moving. I have so many just-in-case or why-not-keep-it things that only I care about. I should do our sons a favor and recycle, donate, or toss a whole lot of that stuff.

Packing, then treating yourself to a restful, enjoyable bit of inactivity is just the ticket!

Good luck!


Judy C in NC

I think I have my packing down to "today we will tackle the sunroom." I will be so glad when this is over and I can set up my sewing room to my new specs. Take care to include breaks - they are needed for sanity sake. Judy C


Good luck with the packing! I know a lady who recently donated all her 'old' bras to a charity that raises money for breast cancer research - maybe there's a similar charity (or a refuge) nearby that you could contact? I hope the move goes well - take plenty of breaks!


Yes, like someone else above said, I should do the same type of sorting even though we aren't moving! Good luck with the ongoing packing. Hugs!


Good luck with the packing, Nicole. I should take heed and start some of that stuff now. We will be moving to Colorado in the next year or two and from the sounds of it I should start packing and sorting now! 22 years of "stuff" to pack - or toss. Think I will go sew a bit instead. :)


I went to a thrift shop one day and they had ladies underpanties for sale. EWWWWW!!!!


Keeping us posted on your packing is great! I will be having to do that very soon myself and it is always fun to see how it works (or doesn't) for others. Can't wait until you show us the packing of your sewing room and fabric stash!:)

Diane Linford

You can do it! It will feel so liberating not to have a lot of extra stuff.


I'm not sure what's worse...packing or unpacking?? LOL! I'm with you, I never toss a bra. Why is it so hard?? Must be the investment.


Happy birthday, sister dear! Take yourself bra shopping today!


Ohhhh...I see it's your birthday, Nicole! A very Happy Birthday to you! I agree with your sister - take a break and go buy some new bras - LOL!


Hey, make sure and pack those beautiful snowmen you have! I just LOVE them....the expressions on their faces. ;0

I move old bras to the 'use while at the gym sweating' drawer. ;0


There's nothing more frustrating than packing. What to pack, what not to pack, what to throw out. It's just so exhausting. I think you made a wise decision to spend time in your favourite chair with a diet coke and a book. Hope you have a very happy Bday today.


As an army wife of over 20 years, I have lots of moving experience! You are doing yourself a favor by starting to "edit" things now. It is so much worse on the other end. When I need to edit, I remember this phrase: "Is this useful or beautiful to me?" If not, out it goes. It is hard work, though. Great job so far!


Yikes, today is your birthday? I wonder why I thought it was the 15th, well your present is going to be late! A girlfriend told me that bras sell like hotcakes at yard sales, I can't imagine, I'm like you, eeew!

If your dresser is moving, why do you need to take out the clothes, just wondering. . .

Happy Birthday!!


I agree with shoes/handbag/lingerie statement. Why pay $$$ for a sweater and be wearing a cheap bra underneath! My philosophy now is this. If I love it, need it, use it, I can keep it. Otherwise, donate it or pitch it. Life is too short to sift through the unimportant stuff on a regular basis. Good luck with your move, it all sounds so exciting for you.


Ha ha!! I was in my bathroom this morning and thought that it would take me a day just to do that room. I cannot imagine how daunting packing the whole house would be.


I don't envy your packing at all! I should think gently used bras would be a welcome thing for battered women's shelters, etc, but I wouldn't want someone else's panties! Me, I'm cheap all around with shoes, lingerie and handbags so nothing I wear out is worth passing on :)

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Nicole! I just moved the fall/winter transitional clothes out yesterday and brought in the spring/hotter than hell summer in Chico clothes. Our weather was so crazy this spring I didn't need any of it until now. And how nice, your birthday wishes all came true! xo, pam


Cleaning out and packing is no fun, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end......however far away it may seem at this point!


I agree about the used lingerie thing, but I have been in thrift stores that had it for sale. I have also sold underwear at my own yard sales. Not the worn out ones though, just the gently used or "why did I buy that" kind. Best of luck with the purging and packing. Save the sewing room for last, you may need some quilting therapy to help you along the way.
I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!


Nicole, wishing you a very happy birthday - hope you took the day off from packing to celebrate.

Barbara Anne

Whoops! Almost missed wishing you a very happy birthday! Next year, you'll be celebrating at Angel Camp with a little itty bitty someone who may be cruising the furniture by that time! Imagine that!!



You can definitely donate the bras to Good Will or a women's shelter. I wouldn't donate the undies but bras, pajamas, etc can definitely be used by others. A woman who has had to leave her house with just the clothing on her back would love to have your old bras.

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