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June 01, 2011



Oh wow Nicole, you made me hungry just reading your post! What a lovely weekend.


Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!

Barbara Anne

What a great few days and I really appreciate the fact that you, your sister, your BIL, Sara, and Ryan solved all of the world's problems. I rest on your assurance that every little thing's gonna be alright. I'll not worry and be happy!

I can just imagine the extra joy that flavored this trip since you know the new house is yours and that soon you'll be Sara's neighbor, able to pop in to cook or pop out for breakfast with her. How sweet it is!

How about the chicken enchilada recipe?! Please?!


Christine Thomas

Sounds completely lovely and just what the doctor, relaxation, and rejuvenation.


What a nice, restful week-end! Sounds just about perfect! Good for you!


Im saving this post because I am planning a day trip up there when we are in Sacramento in the Fall . . .

we are definitely going to Marisolio and Grounds !! . . .

I love the drive through Gold Country . . . we try to make the trip every year when we're out there . . .

Sandy (Strlady)

I can't eat mexican food because it makes my stomach ouchy but I'd take a couple of Zantacs for that. It looks seriously delicious.
Happy to hear your have solved the worlds problems. I knew my load was lighter after this weekend. Thanks!


Your weekend sounds like it was just the perfect solution for you - and I'm glad to see that you solved all your world's problems. Those enchiladas look scrumptious!


I can't wait to see how you fix up your new sewing room! Amie :o)

Diane Linford

Thank you for solving the world's problems. I will rest easier now. My friend Trish and I solve many problems ourselves each Tuesday while we quilt together. Too bad most of our solutions never get passed my sewing room door!


Lovely weekend indeed!

So happy to hear all the world's problems have been solved by you and your family. That's good news :)

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Sounds like a peaceful and relaxing trip. Glad you did it. And those enchiladas look amazing.


Good call on the weekend! You're making me want to go up there for some wine tasting :)


Nicole you were in my neck of the woods :-D I live in the foothills of Grass Valley about 40 mintues from Roseville. In fact I was at the Fountains shopping center yesterday at Coldwater Creek. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend visting with family. Just think you will be in your new home in just a few weeks.

Deb A

Good for you, I'm glad you had an enjoyable, restful weekend.


I haven't been to Murphy's in ages, but when I do I'll be checking out those spots. So happy you're going to be living the dream soon.

Debbie R.

Sounds lovely, and positive. And tasty, too. Glad that you had such a good weekend. And so much to look forward to!
Debbie R.


Sounds like a lovely weekend! And those enchiladas, they look heavenly! Care to share your recipe?


Oy! You have me craving a California road trip. I am headed to San Francisco in two weeks. The hubby and I had planned to meet there and make a long weekend out of the trip but, alas, that isn't happening now. I will have to keep my fingers crossed for another opportunity this fall. I adore a good California olive oil shop. One with a wine tasting bar is even better! Lucky you getting to move near to that AND your lovely daughter.


I should have waited until after dinner to come here. Now I'm really hungry.

I'm glad you and the others have worked out all the world's problems. I'll stop worrying now. :-)


OMG. Its so beautiful it almost doesn't look real. I love Roseville also. I used to visit my lovely aunt that lived there about 10 yrs ago. We used to drive up to Tahoe and go gambling for a few hours. It was a pleasure being with my aunt. She was an original independent woman.


I think you really needed this trip, Nicole, and I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful time! Now, want to come here and help solve our "world problems"? (wink)

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