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June 16, 2011


Barbara Anne

More power to you! I have to say those charming seasonal decorative items will have a new home in a couple of the garage cabinets so there is no need to part with them! As for the kindling ...???? Men!

I suggest you keep one roomy, comfy outfit for the days you don't feel good and you want nothing snug on.

Isn't this getting so REAL and EXCITING?!!


Pat C in Washington

OK, the kindling under the bathroom vanity had me laughing! As a child of depression-era parents (and a yo-you dieter!) I struggle daily with the compulsion to collect or save things. When my dad died many years ago, I cleaned out his home office and found property tax records going back to the 1890s! My mom had an addition built onto their house just so she could have a larger sewing room. That sewing room AND the garage AND the shop attached to the garage were all full of her sewing/weaving/basketry/needlework projects. So, it's in my genes, I guess.

Helen in Switzerland

I had to laugh at Ahren's wood - that's just the sort of thing I could see my husband doing. Sometimes boys are really strange! ;-)


Are you going to have a garage sale? In our area it's a social event and you'd be surprised how true the saying 'one man's trash is another man's treasure' is! Your seasonal decor items would quickly find a new home brightening another family's holidays! Books sell very well, too! As for the kindling in the've got to e-mail Ahren and find out what the heck he wants you to do with that!! ...inquiring minds NEED to know!!!


The one thing nice about moving is you get to see what you really need and what you don't! The wood is too funny!


Another thing I need to do in my own home! You will be so happy to be in the new home with so much less clutter. As for Ahren, he must have been saving that for some project...? No? A project that has long since been trumped by a certain Irish lass?


First of all, send the Halloween stuff to me. Secondly, you have to ask your son what's up with the kindling wood in the BATHROOM??!! I want to hear the reasoning behind that. ;0


Size 14 = jumbo = fat?

That seals it. It's going to be "that" kind of day. :)

Good luck with the packing and especially the de-cluttering. It's nasty business but you're absolutely right, not one of us needs nearly as much "stuff" as we've got.

As for the "kindling"... maybe it is a special wood for smoking meat or barbequeing. If Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn can sell wood, why can't Ahren stash some? This might be a nest egg of some king. :)


Hi y'all. Ok, allow me to explain. You see, it was such beautiful wood and I wanted to make something out of it. I had been visiting my aunt and uncle in Wisconsin and my uncle had rented a log-splitter. They have 13 acres of forest on their property, and we had cut up a red oak that had fallen down during a past storm.

Well, the red oak was absolutely beautiful. It smelled so good, and when we split it up, the grain had that cross-cut pattern that you see in the most expensive Craftsman style furniture.

So... I was going to Cal Poly at the time. They have a wood shop in the Student Union, and I had planned to put those pieces on the lathe an make something out of them. I dunno... candlesticks?

Anyway, being a full time student, I never had much time for any hobbies other than quarter-projects and mid-term exams. So, I never got around to taking those beautiful pieces of wood to the woodshop.

My aunt and uncle were just going to burn all that wood in their furnace, and yeah, ok... it WAS January in Wisconsin, but it just hurt me to think that all that wood was going to go up in smoke. I wanted to take some small part of that beautiful tree and make something.

Oh well. Maybe some day I will have my own wood shop and can make all the cool projects I have floating around in my head. Mantel clocks, wristwatch boxes, dartboard cabinets, etc. :)


THAT explains a lot, Ahren!! Thanks for the update!!


Oh - I loved seeing Ahren's comment! I wondered if that was what he had in mind! Hey - if you're reading this I hope you're having a fantastic time living in Ireland, Ahren!

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