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June 10, 2011


Barbara Anne

Your apple-a-day project looks wonderful! Applause for your accomplishment, for all you've learned, and for all I've learned! Good summary, too.

I did have to laugh at your stitching the apple to your clothes but it was just a little laugh!

Wishing you well as you pack, pack, ponder, and pack some more. Consider having a pile of "not sure" and don't move things from there to the "toss" or "donate" piles until you ARE sure. It is nigh onto impossible to get something back once it's gone. I know what I'm saying is true.

Stay cool!


Sue Bennett

WOW I have been away a few days and you are really making progress on this. Way to go. Your apples are looking really good..

Susan Ramey Cleveland

When my daughter was about ten, I was teaching her to embroider. She worked so hard for about an hour on her pillowcase, then found she had stitched the whole thing to the leg of her jeans. I think that's the last time she's ever held a needle.
Your "apple-lique" is very nice.


It has been fun watching your progress. I had to LOL when you mentioned you sewed your applique to your pants. Thanks goodness I'm not the only one to have done that! VBG


You go girl!! I enjoyed reading "Nicole's Adventures in Appliquing!" ;0 Man, that iron thing is just WRONG.


Nicole - you brightened my day! Have fun this weekend with your packing and maybe a bit of sewing thrown in for good measure. The "apple-lique" (like Susan called it), is so adorable! It will be great when finished.

Laura Tawney

I love reading about your applique journey!
Laura T


Yes, you had wonderful suggestions!! I learned a few things too. Your project looks fabulous already. You are really moving right along. Sewing to the pants...totally something I've done. LOL!


I have sewn my applique piece to my clothing too. You might try placing a small pillow in your lap, that helped me to have something to rest on and to not sew my clothing to the block....and no, I didn't sew it to the pillow.

Good luck,


Apples are adorable! What a great contrast you gave them with your bands of fabric. Sorry about your pants, hope they weren't ruined, but thanks for the chuckle!

Glad you're getting plenty of terrific tips and passing them along :)

Good luck with the packing. Hold your stomach in while you are doing all that bending and you'll be toned up in no time, lol!


Love your apple piece! Looks fab.


I used to do a lot of applique but I haven't lately. Seeing your posts has got me thinking about tackling it again. I like a slower pace in my sewing lately and I find applique relaxing. Good luck with your move. You are going to love being near your grandaughter. My 2 yo grandson is asleep at my house with me as I write this. Pure Joy.


I'm laughing with you, Nicole - I can't tell you how many times I've sewn something to what I was wearing at the time! I really loved reading all your comments this week - and learned a few things that I will try for sure! I'm glad with everyone's help that you're well on your way to being a master appliquer! Having packed and moved to another city recently I have only one piece of advice - takes lots of breaks and keep in mind the wonderful place you're going to when the going gets tough!
Take Care!


Good luck with your move! Thanks for being so real and honest about your learning progress :-)


Love your blog and feel your growing pains learning a new technique. It is absolutely worth it! "Applique" used to be the "A" word to me until I took several classes, each teaching a different technique. I found my favorite method combining techniques from each class. What works for me: doubled freezer paper ironed on the wrong side with the starch method using the tip of my Rowenta travel iron and a sturdy awl to hold down the starched seam allowance as I work around the piece; removing the freezer paper after the piece has cooled; either machine basting or using small applique pins to keep my pieces in place (for me, the glue creates an extra step with having to wash it out at some point and if it gets near the edge, the needle doesn't easily go through the fabric); and hand stitching using the ladder stitch. Great tip from the best hand stitcher I know: as you pull out your needle with each stitch, pull the needle across your body (in the direction of the stitching) rather than pulling up which tends to be more natural. This will help secure your piece to the background fabric and help hide your stitches.
Choose the methods that work best for you. Enjoy the process. It's addictive! :) I'd love to send you an "oiler" I use to help apply the starch. I'll email you.

Karen L.

Hi, Nicole - Do you know about Sandra Leichner? She has a fabulous blog and she has beyond-belief applique skills! The site below discusses her feels about the "old fashioned" methods of applique vs what some are doing today.

Karen L.


I've enjoyed following your applique journey. Sounds like you've worked out a lot of issues.

I wish you could just skip the packing and moving part, and just be there already. Just keep telling yourself it will all be over soon! ?-)


Pearl Pereria also glue bottles with applicator tips. I got mine and love them.

I recently had a class from Pearl at Asilomar. Was fabulous.

shelly j

Clover does make a large tip you can use to replace the tip ruined by the plastic stand at a cost of about $10. So your mini iron can be salvaged if you are willing to put more money in to it.

Beginning Quilting Now

The apples are looking great. You absolutely did an awesome job in making/stitching all of them. I'm sure you'll do a great job with your project. Good luck!

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