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June 15, 2011


Helen in Switzerland

The movers probably took one look at all the (heavy) books and whacked the price up- On the other hand, rather a little poorer than incurring horrible back injuries - take care!!


We recently moved and were able to save a ton of money by moving the boxes ourselves. We packed and moved all the boxes and fragile items, but then had movers move the furniture. The original quote we had was about $3000, but because we moved the boxes ourselves, it came down to about $900 when they actually moved us.

Barbara Anne

We're BookPeople, too, and have never met a bookcase we didn't like! Be sure not to use very large boxes for books because they'll weigh a TON. When we move, I use liquor boxes for books because they're very sturdy and won't hold so many books you cannot pick the box up when its packed. I once had to assure my mother that (as we walked into the liquor store) even Baptists use liquor boxes for books!

Hope your new carpenter can build the bookcases in your new home before you move in.



Do you know any college boys? If you are close to a college, guys there will move you for a lot less than a moving company. You would probably want your husband to move the fragile things and monitor the guys carrying the items...but these guys usually do it so often that they've learned to be pretty careful with the items. Ask around a little, you can find good reliable young men just needing the money. Even if you rented the truck and had them load it would be a major help.

Christine Thomas

And if the move kills someone, you can use the $5000 for a nice funeral. I like the suggestion of moving boxes, etc yourselves and having a company move furniture, appliances, and other heavy, awkward things.

Ruth Janssen

We have always moved ourselves too and DH got a hernia when moving a piano up a slanting driveway. The idea from Sarah about moving the boxes yourselves sounds like a good idea.


Books are always my first set of items to pack up, too. Good luck with the process! Moving dollies are your friends!! We rented an extra one the last time we moved to have "his and hers" moving dollies - and it was worth every penny!


I'm a book-a-holic, too, so I understand your problem. I pulled out a book to re-read, and the (full retail) price on it is $3.95, so that tells you how long I keep them around. It's a paperback, but still...that must be from about 1980.

I second the suggestion about hiring some college boys to help you with the moving. I'm sure you can get them for less than $5,000!


I'm in the process of packing up to move also. Just wait until you start packing up the fabric! If there are no college boys around, I saw an advertisement for on the back of a U-Haul truck. Evidently there are people that will load the truck for you and then you hire someone at the other end to unload it. I'm going to be looking into that also. Good luck with your move!!


That is a lot of books! And paper is incredibly heavy, isn't it? Hope you work out the moving details...when my work moved a couple of years ago, we found a local company was much cheaper than the big box movers. I'm sure you did your research. You can always try to negotiate!


I was going to say the same as Debra...if there's a college around, then there are boys (and girls) providing a moving service. It's hard to part with books. I've been getting rid of them slowly, over the years, until I'm down to one shelf of those I would (and have) read over and over again.


We donated or sold most of our books just so we wouldn't have to heft or haul them around - and I was amazed at how "free-ing" it was! Now we use the library as much as possible - more money for quilting! Nicole - our 300 mile move was only $1800 - our realtor gave us the name of a very reputable company. Have you tried that? $5000 seems like and awful lot! Good luck!


Those built in bookcases look lovely! No wonder you will miss them. Hopefully the carpenter will do just as excellent a job on your new home.


check around for more moving companies, maybe not the major ones but someone that does more local moving, smaller outfit. just be sure they are adequately insured. two friends just moved and they did the small stuff themselves (or with friends) and had the pros do the big stuff. good luck and watch your backs!!

Diane Linford

We used ABF movers. They drive a truck up to your house and leave it for a couple of days. You load it up, then they drive it to your destination and leave it there for you to empty. We've used them twice, and it was great. We kept very fragile or valuable things in our car with us.

We looked on-line and found "heave movers" and hired them to put our heavy stuff into the truck first. Then we loaded the boxes ourselves.

Good luck!

Label everything, and keep a pad of paper with each box's number and exact contents. It will save you misery later.


We love books too Nicole. And we also ended up moving ourselves. With not much help, except from our youngest son and our daughter. Thankfully we did not have to move in a hurry, so we could take it easy. I hope it all goes well with your move.


Dang!! Too bad your son has already moved to Ireland. WHat you need is a bunch of young men his age to come over and pack the trucks for you. ;0

We've decided we're gonna die in this house. WHen we moved into this home 20 yrs ago we had some light rattan furniture and a heavy set of bedroom furniture. It was an easy move. We were barely 30. Now? Oy Vey! ;0


Books and fabric are my addictions. Every book I have has been read numerous times. If I gave them away, I'd probably have to buy them again. We're moving too, and I haven't packed the first box yet. So daunting! Thanks everyone for the great tips, I'll make use of them too.


I'm getting ready to move for the 2nd time in a year. We hired (and will again), guys to come and help us. We used craig's list and found a guy who came for 8 hours for $150. We used him for 4 hours and still had to pay the flat rate, but it was much better than a moving company. We are doing the same again - found someone for $65 an hour for two people. In South Carolina, we can get 2 people for $30. Regardless of the rate, it is cheaper than movers and well, well worth saving the aching backs and legs.

Judy C in NC

We will definitely be moving outselves and if we are lucky a couple of the six children will show up with their dollies to help.


UPack -- by ABF. The BEST ... as has already been mentioned! You fill the "pup" size truck, they haul it to new location, you unpack. Bees knees for sure! Check it out!!!! Saved us a TON of $$$ when we moved to Texas 4 years ago. :)


Wish I was closer. Size 14 is my forever size. I'll never see a 12 again!

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