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June 22, 2011


Barbara Anne

What a cutie Ozzie is! He looks like he plans on staying on the couch as life there is safe and certain!

Sympathy on all of the packing! I suggest taking some items every time you drive to the new house. For one trip, fill the car with those silk arrangements, pad them with throw pillows, then put them all in the new garage cabinets for the time being. Out of season clothes can go the same way - from closet to back seat to new closet.

Have you decided where the new bookcases will go? Hope you can get all needed work/painting done on the house before you move it.


Butterfly George

Glad to see your head above water, I missed hearing how it is going.........don't envy the packing as I hate moving lol. Too much when I was a kid. Well wishes are coming your way. G

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Poor Oz. Where is Sophie staying these days?


When we moved from TX to MN I put some of those odd decorative things on the bottom of my tall dress height wardrobe boxes in plastic bags. (There was usually just a handful of dresses and the rest were suit jackets so there was protected space at the bottom.

Diana Marlow

How exciting a new life! Scarry Im sure. Look how much closer to that Grandbaby your getting!

Diane Linford

Believe me. I know just how you feel. You've got some good suggestions above for those floral arrangements, but if those don't work, then yes, lots of paper, lots of boxes.

Good luck!


Ozzie is a packing-weary looking pup right now too!

Good luck on spatial problems--I was never any good at those in school :) You just can't tell from paper if everything REALLY fits until you get it in the room! Our house is stuffed to the gills with furniture just now, since DS moved back in and we had to rearrange three rooms. The main hallway downstairs feels like a gauntlet. Sigh.

Judy C in NC

I am really beginning to dislike packing - we mainly put our silk-flower stuff in garbage bags and tied them up and I am liking the idea above with the throw pillows. I hate moving - or did I already say that!!! Judy C


I wish I lived closer to you. I'd nestle all of the silk arrangements in the back of my van and off we'd go!


I see myself in your position 18 months ago, Nicole. As Mr. Squash reminds me - "the only way out is through"! I kept chanting that to myself like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz - LOL! It will soon be over and in a month or two you'll be settled and oh, so happy!


I hate moving too! Good idea about the flower arrangements. You can also put them in your "studio" until you get settled in. There really is no good way of packing them without getting them smashed as they take lots of room. Wrapped in plastic bags would protect them from the dust while they sit around wherever you put them. Poor Ozzie, I wonder if he's miserable in this heat too...we're hitting 3 digits here today..hello summer!

Jan S.

Having moved a few times, I found that laundry baskets are great for odd shaped items like your floral arrangements. Good luck moving - I always found it to be tiring, but very exciting!

Sandy (Strlady)

I just got a taste of what you are up against. I arrived at my daughter's home yesterday and she is getting ready to close on her new house next week. You have to jump over all the boxes in that apartment. How much can two people really accumulate in one year? Honestly, I can't imagine what it will be like when they move from thier new home... If they ever do, because after this move, I think my SIL will say NO MORE!! LOL!
I hope there is an end in sight for you. I would tell you what I would do with the flowers but I don't think you would like it. LOL!


You can do it...yes you can!
What is the square footage you have now to what you are going too? In our 4th home we went from 3,000 down to 1,800...that was with 4 we are back up to 3000 and boy do I miss that smaller home!


You'll get there, don't worry. Have you thought about selling some of the furniture before you move it? WHy move it if it won't fit?

I've sold furniture on Craig's List. I've had all good experiences EXCEPT people don't want to pay much. It's like a garage sale. Not a good place to sell expensive funiture. ;0


My husband's job caused a lot of moves and no the company didn't buy our homes....we ate some "dirt" on 2 of them!


I'm in the middle of packing and moving again too! This will be move #10 in the last 17 years! I figure I have two more moves in me and then I'm not moving until they take my dead body out of the house!!! Good luck with your move. I'm almost done as my move is Saturday.


How many sf are you moving into? And how much do you have now?? With the silk flowers, I would take them to the Goodwill and start fresh in your new home. The new house will have a different vibe and the old stuff may not feel right in it. I would only take what you love, what's been passed down and what you NEED. You won't miss it and you can start with a clean slate. If your not sure about some things, put it in storage for a month while you think about it.
I cannot wait to see your new sewing cottage!!! What colors will you pick?? I'm a little jealous :o)

Amie in Tn. :o)


Poor Ozzie! He probably thinks he will be left behind. Don't you wish you could explain all this to him? When my son moved, his little dog got really anxious until she saw her things go to the car. Then she knew she was going with him and completely changed. I swear that dog was smiling!

Kathy Langford - Tucson, AZ

Take it slow and enjoy the moment. Protect your back, life is horrible with a painful back. It is all so exciting regardless of the work. Keep smiling.

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