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July 26, 2011


Diane Linford

No offense, but I'm not sure even a clown would like that block.

Thanks for the great hints on making the other blocks!


As a beginner quilter, I would be happy with the block...but it is not your best...your quilting is fabulous and your blocks look way perfect to me. I am glad you figured out your block issue. If you choose not to use them in the quilt, why not make a couple throw pillows for the bed with them?

Still no baby? Guess you two will be doing something fun to occupy your time today, then. Have a great day, Nicole, whatever you're up to.

Judy C in NC

Don't believe you could "iron that block into submission." LoL

I make my templates by copying the design on a copier and then use laminating sheets (Staples) to cover the design and cut the templates out. The sheets give stability. This is a technique I learned from Becky Goldsmith from Piece 'O Cake for making templates for applique. Works well. Judy C in NC

Barbara Anne

Methinks that wee-bit small blocks could be used if you sew with the small block on top and use the bottom block of proper size as your seam guide. That would make the small block's seam allowance a tad less than 1/4" but I've done that often and so far, so good!

What is the name of the ugly block? I've never seen that block before and agree those points look like they'd be a nightmare to sew.

Does Baby E's mommy see her doctor again today?


Sandy (Strlady)

Wow. I never thought I'd say this to you... That block is really ugly. 'Nuff said on that account.
I tend to scan some of my magazines to reduce the need for storage. When there is a template involved, I put a small 6" ruler on the scanner so that it will scan with the design. When I eventually print out the pattern I use the ruler as a guide to make sure it's printed to the correct scale.

As to your small blocks... with so many other blocks you could spread them out across the quilt and I doubt they will give you grief. If you are putting sashing on them you could always compensate by adding 1/4" to the sashing. I took a class with Sharyn Craig who would add the small bit that was off in the same color of the sashing so that when the block was added to the quilt it went unnoticed. She used this method for block swaps.


Your ugly block is the one that came out like a volcano for me. I'm going to paper piece it over again. It was certainly a nasty one to work on.

Ugly doesn't describe that block! LOL


Well, someone has to die for the benefit of others....make it a mug rug. it will be a great conversation piece. ;0

Christine Thomas

I think you could just resew the seams on the too-small blocks and make the seams a tad less than 1/4"? That seems like a lot of work. Could you just remake the blocks?


Okay, am I the only one that doesn't think it's that bad...poor little block :( The polka dots are cute. I'm sure you'll find something to do with it be Baby E's favorite colors! Waiting to see more progress on your blocks and Baby E!


I'll be interested to see how you like the MM templates and how your newer version of the "clown" block turns out.


Actually, Nicole, I like your block! Not sure it really fits in the scheme of things with your other blocks but I think you should not sentence it to death. It may be just the thing you need in the overall quilt. As for your too small blocks I think you will end up making them over in the end and using the smaller ones for mug rugs. I think that is a clever idea.


I did the same thing and printed the templates out wrong, but thankfully I had only made two blocks;o)

kim odell

I belong to a farmers wife group and one lady said she was going to border all her squares so she could trim them to correct size without having to worry about the 6.5, 6 1/4, 6 inch deal. It's a good idea if you don't mind the border on all of them. :)

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