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July 20, 2011


Barbara Anne

Oh,groan! Bad joke, brain hurt as one of the Muppets used to say! I think it was Fozzie but I could be mistaken.

WOW! I totally love the fabrics you've shown and salute your persistence in digging into boxes in the heat. I doubt this complex quilt is in my future, but I will enjoy visits to see the Farmer's Wife quilts.

I made two Twinkling Star blocks yesterday and that may be a complex as I want to get. My fingers are still talking to me.

What's the news with Sara and Baby E?!

When is it your turn to put Bill to work in your studio?



Wow! that fabric is certainly a different direction. Many years ago Judy Rothermel put out 2 books of 3-inch square (I think most of them are in her Centennial book now). I don't recall how many blocks there were-I just know it took 2 years to make just the blocks. That has cured me of any projects like that. I'm admiring these blocks but, as they say, "been there, done that"! Looking forward to seeing your blocks.


I love your joke...gave me a bit of a chuckle this morning. I would have headed the same way you did, using civil war fabric first choice. is doing this and I have seen some of her blocks as she lives close to me. I think she is done pieceing and is now starting to put it all together. Check it out.

Anyway, back to your choices - I love the "Annie's Farm Stand" fabrics. Although I am not doing the Farmer's Wife, I will have to get me some of this fabric!!

Still awaiting baby E's arrival and you have been in my mind as you are patiently (I'm sure) waiting. I would be going nuts for the arrival of my first grandchild - although with my son being just shy of his 18th birthday, I can wait!

Diane Linford

Black, Red, Yellow. How can you go wrong with those?


Lakehouse Love, *karendianne.

Lisa D.

I absolutely LOVE Annie's Farm Stand. I can't wait to see your blocks. What a great project for you and Sara to work on together!

Sandy (Strlady)

Oi. I have been holding out. I have been soo good. I have the book at home and love the story behind it. I love a quilt with a story! I just have no time to even think about this but maybe after September! In the meantime, I'll be cheering you along!!


I love the Farmstand fabric. It would be great in the FW blocks. I already have the book, and it is really calling to me. But, as they say, I need another project, like I need another whole in my head!! Pray for me, and I will see which side wins.


Gasp! Those colors and designs are so cheery and happy! It will make a fabulous quilt. Will be anxiously awaiting some pics.

C'mon Baby E! We're waiting!


Nicole, I look forward to seeing your progress. I am not as brave and will lurk out there watching others do this task. Lizzie


Nicole, I also have those SUPER WONDERFUL Annies Farm Stand fabrics. I fell in love with them the minute I saw them. Then there is of course my Civil War collection that has been patiently waiting for me to start using it. I have to tell you though, I was going to to this quilt along using my Annies Farm Stand, until I found it was 'template' based. My hands don't work just right on the very best of days and I am lucky to get a nice straight cut with the finest of rulers and rotary cutters, so I won't be joining in after all. I will however be enjoying checking out all the beautiful pictures of those that are doing this quilt along. Now I'm especially anxious to see yours since we chose the same fabric. Enjoy enjoy, enjoy!!! Keeping Sara and baby in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs...

Debbie in Alaska

Thanks for the your fabric choices!


I am following all the links now to see what this is all about! Your fabric choices are gorgeous...if nothing else, the history lover in me needs to read this book, right? I am reading Luncheon of the Boating Party right now that you showed recently and loving it. I read Girl in the Hyacinth Blue last week. Thanks for the this author. Still waiting....


I can't wait to see your rendition of this quilt - I'm in love, love with those fabrics you chose. I just finished up last block and starting putting it together, but mine is out of repros and now I want one like yours! Maybe I will make another one! :o)

Paula Zumaris

Where ever do you find all this wonderful fabric? I LOVE the Annie's Farm Stand fabric. I must admit I was disappointed when you first mentioned civil war fabrics. I am thinking it could really be dangerous going on a shop hop with you Nicole!!


I've had this book for several months now, Nicole! Funny thing is I've hardly looked at it! The more I see quilters doing this, the more I think I'd better have a look! Plus after seeing your fabric choices, I'm more motivated than ever!


I've printed the templates and let me tell you, they don't measure up to finish at the right size. Be prepared to redraft patterns, it will be a great learning curve and challenge. Your fabrics are amazing that you picked for this project!


You crack me up!! Can't wait to see your first blocks :)

Mary Kastner

I think I've had this book for a year and still haven't started. Love the Farmstand fabrics. Part of my resistance is I just recently machine quilted my Dear Jane quilt after it sat for 2 years hand basted ready for hand quilting. I finally caved took the basting out, pinned it and did it on the machine. It's hanging up in the hall now and I look and it and think "how do I do that?" I'm sure the bug will bite me soon and I'll start the Farmer's Wife. Still waiting for baby news ......soon I hope.


So, the farmer takes yet another wife. Seriously, how many wives can that man afford?? ;0

Can't wait to see your first block. ;0


Can't wait.

Suzanne C

I have just joined in on the FW quilt-a-long bandwagon. I don't have my book as yet but it’s on it’s way. I have decided to go the paper piecing way as I have never done it before and it seems like a good way to keep myself organised. I will be doing mine with my 'old' fabric stash which is more traditional in style than my 'new' fabric stash. I can't wait to see how everyone else is doing their's. I love your choice of fabrics, almost makes me want to buy them - almost!


I love the fabrics you have chosen and I had not seen that line before. So pretty - can't wait to see how your blocks work up. I have seen these on lots of blogs too - maybe we read the same ones? Love the pictures of the yard.

gloria g.

love, love, love the book The Farmers Wife. Bought it and a CD to do paper piecing on some of the blocks. But haven't started it yet!!!! But I love that fabric.....where might we find the particular grouping of fabrics in bundles? I have searched, and cannot find those particular ones. Thanks, gloria g. in South Carolina

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love love love that red collection. Might have to cave and order some.

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