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July 08, 2011


Helen in Switzerland

I'm sure you've more than earned your afternoon naps Nicole! Enjoy them! Oh, and I really think you have to tell Ozzie that you're the boss!!

Peggy Nordentoft

I have read the book and agree - it was hard to stay awake. But somehow, I also enjoyed it! That kind of book is a different kind of reading. Stick with it!


That dog is so cute....can't wait to see the quilting start! Stay cool!


Hope you are lovng the new house. I took the book on vacation to Mexico and I couldn't get past the first chapter. I kept falling asleep in my lounge chair. Maybe I will give it a try again. Keep us posted,

Butterfly George

This is an abnormally hot time for us. We usually have cool nights but this latest heat wave hasn't had our normal cool nights. I hope it dosen't last much longer for you or us as I am in Nor Cal also. We rest as well in the afternoons as we get up and out early ams before the heat. It takes a while to adjust.......nice to see Ozzie again. Your reading spot looks good. Haven't read the book as I am waiting for the next Gabaldon to come out. Love her. G



Morning, As an art history major I usually real all books that seem to have an artsy vibe. I agree, this one is a yawner. It's not bad but it is a slow go all the way through. Happy Reading. Lizzie


That too would be my favorite spot. Ozzie looks so happy. What breed is Ozzie?


I agree with Liz...but then, I liked it for other reasons...I didn't need any tylenol pm for a good week! Heehee


My book club read the book, but I only made it through part of it. Very slow going but good for putting you to sleep!

Diane Linford

Funny - I really enjoyed the book. But I was probably in the mood for just that kind of book at the time.


Looks like a perfectly delightful reading corner. Ozzie looks like he agrees! Have not read the book but it looks at least informative, if not a little slow. *sillysally* aka choc chip addict


That's the down side to book clubs...the books can be really lousy or just not your taste. ;0


Sounds like you're settling in! Love the quilt on that chair. Is it maybe from a book I might have? Hoping! I can see why Ozzie would favor that spot too.


Looks like at least Ozzie has settled right in! How's Sophie doing in her new home? I like your idea of taking a break between boxes - something I wish I'd done more often!


Where is Sophie? Is she at the house with you?


I hope you are feeling at home in your new place! Love the quilt on the chair, it is on my list to do! I think I will need to live to be 129 years old to accomplish all that I want to do.
[email protected]


Too funny Ozzie picks that as his favorite spot too, he's no dummy :) I think you'll have to add another chair or switch to a loveseat. Keep us posted on the book, it seems like an interesting read. Stay cool!


Your doggie one cute little boy!

Barbara Anne

Yup, Ozzie has picked the best seat in the house but is so gracious to be willing to share it with you. Summertime isn't the best season for a warm furry seat mate! Love the quilt!!

I've never read or even started to read your book club book. Hope next month's book isn't a snoozer. I'll bet the book club folks are wonderful!

Methinks we have a table just like yours! Ours used to belong to my parents and has a leather top and one drawer. How about that?!



I have a table very similar to your round one in the first pix! It was my grandmother's and was made in Grand Rapids, Mich. It just became "mine" at Christmas and I am so happy to finally have it!! Leather inlaid top and one drawer as Barbara Anne mentioned above. Ozzie looks like he's found a way to beat the heat!! Enjoy the week-end!


Awww... Ozzie has found his spot on the chair. Same chair, different window. Are you keeping him trimmed neatly? Poor guy... it's a lot hotter there than Monterey Bay.


I love your new spot and the lighting looks like it would be perfect for stitching, reading and napping. Ozzie looks very comfortable! Sounds like you are taking steps to settle in, more than unpacking. I have often thought of joining a book club - there are many to choose from in my area, but have not thus far. Enjoy your weekend!


I really applaud you for jumping in with two feet and getting out there and meeting people! Bravo!!! There is a darling little independent bookstore over in Sonora in the Junction Shopping center you will like. Right next to a quilt store!!! Happy exploring!!


There's my boy! He looks like he is settling in perfectly :o) Amie

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