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July 27, 2011



Oh what a beautiful photo of the three of you...the first 3 Generation Photo! Absolutely gorgeous...all of you. I love the name, my mother's mother (my grandmother) was named Lucelia Evangeline, so I especially love the name as she was a fabulously wonderful woman. Congratulations to you all! Hugs all around.


Congratulations! It is a beautiful photo. Glad to hear your expectations were surpassed.


Congratulations. You are truly blessed with a beautiful daughter and granddaughter.


Congratuations Grandma! Wonderful photo of the three of you, such happiness on your faces.

[email protected]


Congratulations Nicole! Three beautiful ladies in this picture. You are all beaming (well maybe Eva is sleeping). Thanks for sharing this moment with us :-) So happy for you all.


Welcome to the world, Eva!


I am so happy for you Nicole . . . you are going to have the most fun of your life !!

my son and his family arrived from Calif last nite at midnite . . . I love being with those dear little girls !!

you are going to love being a grandmother !!


oh congrats to the worlds newest most excited nanna. Nicole she is beautiful welcome to the world Eva and congrats to Sara and hubby
hugs Beth

Joan S.

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for all of you. When I didn't see your post earlier, I hoped it meant you were at the hospital. What a beautiful name! New babies, just the greatest thing in the world.


Congratulations to all of you. She looks gorgeous!

Julie in WA

Congratulations! I am so glad it all worked out well with no major complications! (I have been checking your blog a few times a day to see if Baby had arrived!) So happy for all of you, such a blessing.


Congratulations!! That is a great picture of the three of you. She is just a beautiful little baby. Sara looked great for enduring such a long labor. Hope everyone gets a good nights sleep tonight!


Congratulations to every one.She is beautifulNow you are A granny Nicole at long last wish you lots of happy times with her xx
Hugs Mary.


Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing for your whole family.

badlands quilts

Congratulations to all!

gloria g.

what a little happy for you all, mom and dad, nana and poppy! The start of a new life......enjoy.

gloria g. in South Carolina


Congratulations! What a beautiful baby, mom and grandma! So you cried, uh? I had one of those moments, too. When my adopted daughter gave birth to her boys, she asked me to be there, explaining that I wasn't there when she was born so she wanted me there when my grandsons were born! I still cry when I think about it and the boys are 20 and 18!!!


Congratulations to all. You both look pretty proud.

Karen L.

Congratulations, Nicole! Hang on tight - it's going to be a wonderful, heart-bonding and cherished ride!
Karen L.


Congrats, glad to hear mom and baby are doing fine, she's a cutie and I LOVE her name! Beautiful.


When you didn't post this morning I suspected there was a baby on the way. I'm so glad that you took a few minutes to let us know she arrived and all is well, and to share the wonderful picture. What a blessing it is to be a Grandma. I'm sorry that Sara had such a long labor but I'm certain she doesn't care at all now, she is glowing! Big Hugs to all and God Bless...


How wonderful to finally meet your gorgeous granddaughter! Congratulations to everyone and hooray to Sara for being such a trooper!

Debbie Johnson



Welcome to the world Evangeline! Congratulations Nicole on becoming a grandma.


Congratulations! We have all been waiting for this baby right along with you. You sure don't look old enough to be a Grandma! I know you will cherish this grand daughter!

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