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July 19, 2011



You have a very pretty garden and a new project started is going to look fantastic. The paint colours are cheery.

Barbara Anne

What a lovely view you'll have in all directions from your studio - as if you'll be looking out the windows!

Love your newly selected pattern and fabrics! My late summer wall hanging was made from Mary Ellen Hopkins' Hidden Wells pattern and is the deep greens, blues, and yellows of a Southern late summer.

Please let us know what Sara's OB recommends after her appointment today! This is so exciting!!!



I love your garden view and the colors you are doing in your space! I didn't paint the ceiling in my house when I moved in thinking I could match the paint and just touch it up...well, 2 years later and we can't seem to match it and have test patches everywhere so now I am going to have to paint the whole thing that I should have started with in the first place and it is a big ceiling that goes from room to room in our open floor plan. I am trying not to look up! Just focus on my sewing machine!


What a nice view to take a break and "stretch" your eyes every so often when you look up from your fabric and machine! Looking forward to seeing your table topper...


The color choices are indeed "cheery" like Wendy said above. The views from your studio are great and will be such wonderful therapy once they can work hand-in-hand with your quilting therapy!


How fun to have your sewing room shaping up;)
The gardens are so lovely! What a pretty view.


Just how are you going to actually work in there with all the beautiful views and lovely distractions? And that doesn't even take into account how absolutely wonderful your studio is going to be when finished!

Clever girl in not setting up before it was finished!

So... when is the first Angel's Camp Retreat?

Counting the days to the first pics of the new baby... good wishes and happy thoughts for a safe and joyful delivery.

Diane Linford

I love it all. My parents planted grapes when my mom used to make homemade dill pickles. The recipe called for a grape leaf in each jar. The grape vines were always so pretty. You'll enjoy them.


Lovely and quiet, perfect for concentrating on creating! Glad you're getting some sewing time in between unpacking boxes and WAITING :)


Beautiful, Nicole, just beautiful and serene and perfect. Love your choice of paint colors, everything will be nice and bright and cheerful! Had to laugh about hubs thinking things could wait if you unloaded stuff and set up sewing before it was all completed...yep, have that here as well! Smart move to wait! Okay, the birthday cake is out of the oven, time to frost Baby E here yet??? lol Still waiting...

Sandy (Strlady)

Color me jealous. Love the views in your new studio. It looks so relaxing.
Over the weekend I grabbed my own Schnibbles book to scan the big Bennington project for my daughter who chose it as her 12th wedding quilt. I realized I had fondled the book past it's limits when the front of the book fell off. Basically I had half of the book in one hand and the rest of it in the other. I had to laugh because I know my Spice of Life book will follow suit.
I took the book apart and just scanned the whole thing. Then I clipped all the pages together and put them away to have it re-bound. For the rest of the weekend I kept walking by the clipped pages and would have myself a good laugh. There is no better testament of a book well loved.

Loris Mills

What a sweet new place to call home! I love seeing the process of making it your own. Love the paint colors! Something about seeing homes fixed up makes me feel good..even though it's not mine! I think I just enjoy the creativity and personalizing. Bennington sounds like the perfect way to help you cope till your studio is ready for you.


You lucky girl! I love the new views. ;0 Now if that was MY house, I would definitely set up shop. I know my husband would then feel sorry for me and then the studio would get done. ;0


I am starting my first project in my new sewing area. I am making the Schnibbles Open Season. I've not done a lot of Flying Geese before, so I hope I can pull it off. I'm using Cotton Blossom by Bonnie and Camille. But my second choice was Bennington!


It looks wonderful! I've only just read yesterday's post too - how lovely to have your daughter so close at this exciting time. Plus love those French General quilts!!!


I love your views! What a lovely those roses!

Have fun sewing.


I am so envious of your gorgeous quilting retreat, Nicole! The views outside are stunning and I would have a hard time concentrating on my quilting! I know you'll spend many happy hours there - and maybe even someday you'll be teaching your little granddaughter how to quilt!


Thank you for the tour! Looks like you found a lovely home and yard. And your studio will be awesome, I am sure. Have fun with your new sewing project.
Beverly in Wa state

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