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July 11, 2011


Barbara Anne

Oh, SCORE!!! I'll bet many of your neighbors near and far need a Bill (or your Bill) and here y'all found him even before you moved into you sweet new home!

I have shoe and show cubby envy.

Cheers that you're going to set up your tables and machine and SEW! Shall we expect a new quilt top by Friday's post?! :D Enjoy!!!


Stephani in TX

Welcome to the new house Nicole. You have hit on something here, about shelves I mean. I thought my problem was too much stuff in my closets (all built with one shelf apiece and as long as a tunnel). All this time I could have had more shelves installed and stayed organized. As I age, clearing closets and shelves gets harder and harder. My boys' college papers are still here for Heaven's sake. Wait til I go to Home Depot. Closet Maid will be first on my list if I have to man the drill myself. Thanks for the insight. So glad you found Bill and he set those closets right from the get-go.


Oh, I would love to have a "Bill". You're shoe cubbie is too die for! So glad you are enjoying your new home and can't wait to see your quilting studio evolve! I bet it feels good to be on this side of the move!

P.S. - We took a trip up to Twain Harte/Arnold last weekend 'trying' to escape the heat of the East Bay. Stopped at Marisolio and got some wonderful olive oil and vinegars. Sipped some of Ryan's wines and made sure to bring some home. Wonderful little town - hope to go on some quilting retreats there soon!


Oooh, I think I'm in love with Bill, too!


Ha ha Nicole! Good for you that you have a new best friend who can help you out in such practical ways. Looks like you have a good start on organizing things. *sillysally* aka choc chip addict


How fun to be getting so organized! I wish I had a Bill close by!

Nancy Watkins

Gotta love Bill! What do you mean he doesn't paint??? Huh! It looks like you have the same exact color cabinets that I have. E-mail me back as I have a question.


You have given me such a good idea for my guest room closet - shelves! I need to seriously go through and clean out and get rid of clothes I don't wear, do some rearranging and then I can put my tablecloths and books in the guest room closet! Does Bill travel? He sounds like a gem!!


Wow, the shrine of shoes! Cool. I'm glad you got someone to put up good shelving.


Looks like some perilously high heels you've got there!


I love it! ;0


Bill will build. WhoHoo!


Does Bill travel??? I think I need to hire him when we build in Colorado. We could probably swap some good stories about shoes - mine are under the bed, on the closet floor and lining the closet shelves. My husband cringes when I bring another pair home! I love what Bill did to store your shoes. Do set up a machine somewhere. I can't believe you have gone this long without sewing on something!!


Has your husband accused you of being Imelda Marcos? mine has...a girl can never have too many shoes, can she??? It looks like you're making good progress in the house! Now, get out to that studio and do a little sewing! Go on! Scoot!!


Looks like things are coming along, Nicole! You are fortunate to have Bill around fixing up all your shelving! Hope you are getting rested up some, from the big move.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love your shoe storage.


I can understand why Bill is your new best friend! :-) Having good storage makes life so much easier!!

Debbie R.

Hi Nicole,
I've been on vacation, but am now happily home, catching up on the laundry and on my favourite blogs -- of which yours is definitely one. I'm happy to hear and see that you are settling nicely into your new home. Seeing the house is nice. But, like you, I can't wait until you get your sewing studio set up. Thanks for letting us peek through the windows into your new home life!
Debbie R.


Mr. Bill!!


I love shelving too...and love seeing pictures of how you're organizing everything!


You're really inspiring me to get organized! It thought I had to get rid of I know I just need more cubbies :)


Gotta love Bill! He sounds Awesome! I bet he's around to work in the quilt studio. It will fun to see the further adventures of Cabinet Bill....


Looove your shoe cubbies!!!

I hope you are back sewing soon!


These custom cabinets is something to be envied about. Can I lend your best friend Bill sometimes? Your things looks very organize and I love to have a cabinet like yours.

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