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July 22, 2011


Butterfly George

Cute litle town. Glad you and your daughter had a little outing as I know how hard and long it seems to wait on an expected child. Ugh......I am now caring for my newest grandchild, who is only 3.5 months old but what a joy and love. Stay cool and enjoy the foothills. your colors for the farmers wife!

Stephani in TX

Good to take it slow with summertime days. Sara will be blissfuly busy soon with the little one, and probably you as well. Copperopolis is a pretty little place. Your newly quilted quilt is lovely Nicole. I bet your binding fairly jumps on there. I am readying a Christmas quilt for holiday giving. This will be for my son and fiance. With a wedding planned for next Spring; lots of anticipation for our future, eh!!

Barbara Anne

What a charming town and beautiful lake! I can just imagine a lovely outdoor wedding in the town square. Were there any antique shops, consignment shops, or thrift shops for you and Sara to explore when one of you is pushing a baby carriage?

Well done on the Blissful Blossoms binding (try saying that fast three times). Alas, my pretty Single Irish Chain has had quilt clips on the binding for 8 weeks. With a heat index expected to be 118*F today, I won't be hand stitching any quilt.

Each day brings your family ever closer to Baby E's debut. Enjoy these last days of calm and quiet.



We are all waiting for baby's big day! first was 2 weeks will happen, with that I can promise!


What a lovely quilt and little town. Copper is my favorite metal so this was especially interesting.


Love reading about your adventures in Murphy's & the surrounding area. We are lucky enough to have a cabin on Lake Tulloch so are in the area very frequently (maybe most weekends in the summer? and all of our vacations?) The town square is lovely and has lots of activities. It opened about the time the economy tanked which is unfortunate. We also visit Murphy's very frequently & I can't wait to see the yarn store you posted about. Somehow, I've missed that!


Blissful Blossoms is even prettier close-up if that's possible! Glad you and Sara had fun visiting the town of Copperopolis. That town square looks JUST LIKE the town square that is used in the TV show "Ghost Whisperer". I wonder if it is?


Love the photos! Maybe Baby E will make her grand entrance into the world this weekend??? :-)


Pretty! The quilt and the scenery :) Hope Sara is not going bonkers and is able to sleep. Those last few days of being hugely pregnant, I remember them well. Handful of Tums before bed, propped up on four pillows....


Love that Bliss fabric in the quilt. I just started on a quilt using Bonnie and Camille's Cotton Blossoms. Can't go wrong with their fabrics!


I've been through that town before, very pretty. Love the quilt you're binding, stay cool this weekend!


everyone was probably inside trying to stay cool! have a lovely weekend. ;0


Sounds like a nice trip for the two of you to occupy your time while WAITING!! I have a question for you, Nicole, the clips on your you do that instead of pins? They look like the hair clips - is that what they are?

Looks like another Baby E quilt...very pretty.

Have a great weekend!


Maybe a baby this weekend? You two are having so much fun and making the time pass quickly!


Glad you got to stop by our Town Square. My husband and I own Cruisers Ice Cream Parlor. We hope you will come again and bring the new baby for his or.her first ice cream


Where the hell is Copperopolis? (grin-- that's a bumper sticker.) Yeah, it is a nice little town. That's cool they have fishing over there.

Speaking of mining, I think copper mining sounds better than cinnabar mining. Cinnabar is the ore of mercury and sulphur. They mined that in New Almaden, south of San Jose. The sulphur was burned off in big smelting chimneys. I don't know what would be worse,the burning sulphur smell or the mercury vapor. Ack. I have a feeling the California Air Resource Board frowns upon that kind of thing now-a-days! :)

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