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July 18, 2011


Mary Kastner

Oh man, when you were late this morning Nicole I was so hoping there was some very exciting news for us. Tell Mom to keep calm and it will happen very soon. The best to all of you.


And waiting for the news.....hugs for all!


yes we are. oh bother. I'm done with this, let's go Baby!

Jen (PunkiePie)

You're going to drive yourself crazy waiting, Nicole! We'll be waiting right with you. Good luck to the new parents to be!


Waiting right along with you, Nicole! In no time at all you'll be Grandma!


I thought the same thing when you weren't here . . . that the sweet little thing had arrived and you were too busy !!

Nancy Watkins

Oh....this will be so much fun! Being a grandma is the best! And there you go again, showing my favorite quilt that I have been swooning over!


Keeping you all, especially Sara and baby in my thoughts and prayers. (((((HUGZ))))

Barbara Anne

I see I'm not the only one who thought Baby E was on the way since your post wasn't here the first three times I checked in!

I remember a friend meeting our first baby with the words, "You can tell how smart he is already - why, he was born right on his own birthday!!" We had a good laugh about that.

Ozzie is the picture of quiet waiting, isn't he?!

Sara is looking great! I'm off to see the nursery ...!



How exciting :-)


Waiting?? Wondering if you were too preoccupied with that new baby? ummmmm...yeah!!! I think we're all right there with you! Thanks for the update and cute pix!


We're all here waiting alongside you! The dogs' pictures of them waiting are truly adorable. We'll all let out a cheer that you and Sara will probably be able to hear once Baby E arrives.


Love the pictures and the quilt, my fave!! So are you doing the FWQAL too? How great that your daughter sews/quilts too! Love how she says she's going to move into your sewing're going to need a little mini table and sewing machine for baby E :)


Seriously, the pictures of all the dogs 'waiting' was priceless! Your daughter looks wonderful! :)


The waiting definitely has to be the hardest part. Love the pictures of the dogs waiting!


Hello Nicole,
I always enjoy seeing your quilts in your pictures. I think it is wonderful you are near Sara now. Such an exciting time for all of you. I stopped by Sara's blog--her nursery pictures are beautiful. I love the color and softness of the room. I told Sara I smiled when reading about her Farmer's Wife Quilt plans. I have decided to try making the quilt as well. I sent for the book a couple of weeks ago. And last week ordered the Clermont fabric as well. : )
The quilts you have made Baby E are soooo pretty. You do such great piecing.
I will be following along waiting for your exciting news of Baby E's arrival!!
Beverly in WA state


...and we are waiting as well!!! My daughter was 16 days late and that's been the pattern her entire life! LOL!

Hugs to Sara.


Knew immediately what you were "waiting" for when I saw the title, Nicole. I was hoping for "Baby E", "arrival", or something of that sort in the title. It will happen soon...gotta check out the nursery before I log off... thinking of you and your family and wishing you best of luck and lots of photos to come!

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