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July 07, 2011



Oooh I can picture it and am quite envious!

Barbara Anne

How delicious to imagine the wonderland for creativity you'll soon have!!!

Methinks I'd have to get the sewing machine set up somewhere (perhaps just plugged into one of those outlets), open the cutting table, and start something, anything,to sooth my sewing-starved imagination.

What shade of wood finish shows pins most clearly?

Yes, you may color me envy green!


Butterfly George

What great and exciting fun! To have a blank canvas and put in everything you already know you need and still have room to put in things you only dream about. I too envy you. Have some fun and enjoy.

Peggy Nordentoft

A friend of mine with multiple studios recommends 12" black and white tile floors! She says it is very easy to sweep clean and you can use the tiles as a measuring tool as well. Just a thought!


Sounds lovely. Can't wait to see the finished space as I'm sure it will be beautiful. Also looking forward to seeing more of your quilts.

p.s. My movers are here right now dragging all of my sewing stuff down the stairs!

Nancy Lee

Oh...I am also working on my sewing space. I have photos at I chose a light laminate flooring and a color I love..Benjamin Moore Instinct which is a gray-blue. I "almost" went with a kind of 30's green color... I can't wait to see your finished room...


I think I would be so anxious that my sewing bldg. would be done way before any room in the house! Take out so I could sew/stitch! It sounds fabulous so far - will be watching the progress as you go and wishing I was hanging out in the rocker!

The house coming okay?

Helen in Switzerland

I'm so envious - it's going to be fabulous!!! I can however relate to what it feels like not to be able to sew, when really that's all you want to do!

Diane Linford

I'm green with envy. What a treat for you! It will be a well-loved and well-used space.

Paula Zumaris

Nicole, you are creating a dream space for all of us. I will never have that, but that is OK. I will enjoy living this through you. Enjoy dear friend!!!


I've painted both studios green without really thinking about it. I went to pick out a color and came home, both times, with about the same color. I love it. I put laminate on my current studio and sewing room floor, and I've been very happy with that.


A blank canvas-that is a huge plus! Nothing to un-do. First thing I would do is go pick out your paint color, curtains and flooring(not sure if it's concrete). Those walls need some color! I love your new space :o) Hang a quilt on the walls too. Can't wait to see what you do, Amie ;OP


Laminate is a nice choice--in a light shade to keep the outdoors feel I envision your studio having! The black & white squares mentioned above are also interesting! Whatever you choose, make it something easy to keep clean for a certain little someone who will be occupying the space with you!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

You're making me impatient too. I want to see it!

Deb A

Beautiful space - does it have heating/air, or is it not needed where you're at?


When you go to put up a design wall, consider using polar fleece. I got mine at Joanne's for very little money. Mine is 2 widths of fabric and everything sticks to it and stays put for weeks if necessary. I hung it with a cutain rod. I love it. Can't wait to see your space when it's done. The wait is worth it.


Color me jealous! Very exciting to see your space "before" and can't wait for the after :)


Well at least you have a plan, and it sounds like a good one, although waiting for that plan to take shape is tough. That's the saddest, loneliest picture I've ever seen . . . .


Nicki, will your cabinet guy be building everything from scratch? Do you need help laying the room out? I'd be happy to draw it up on my cabinet design program so you can see it in different views. Let me know if you would like any help.


We just moved, too, and I have to share my sewing room with a guest room, so it's going to be crowded. However, we came up with a plan of sorts, and I think it will work. I, too, am anxiously waiting to get the machine set up and some stitching done. I need to get at it this weekend and then post some pics. Good luck!

Vickie E

ah a clean fun! it will come together soon and you'll be buzzing at your machine again in no time :)

Colleen G

Waiting for your sewing room and waiting for that grandchild...must be truly trying your patience. I have some new-to-me cabinets coming for my sewing room and it makes me want to pack everything up and start again with new paint and a plan. Mmmm, maybe you have inspired me yet again.


It looks like you have a nice sized shape. It's exciting to be able to build the space out like you want literally from the floor up. I'm looking forward to seeing the steps to completion!


What fun you are going to have working in and in this room :-)


Oh the places you'll go! Sounds like you have some happy plans to make your sewing space a dream come true! Lucky you! :)

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