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August 05, 2011


Mary on Lake Pulaski

Your fall Schnibbles is so cute Nicole! I may need to make one of those for my table. Have fun with Evangeline today.

Barbara Anne

Your little Bennington future tabletopper is so cute! The fun and hassle of a scrappy quilt is deciding where to put each block. Wishing you good luck on your machine quilting adventure!

Hope delightful that Evangeline is coming for her first visit! I wonder if you might follow the advice for introducing a pet to a new baby in the household? We were advised to sit on the floor while holding the baby while talking calmly to the dog. We were to talk quietly and in a reassuring voice to the dog while allowing the dog to sniff and even lick the baby. The next step was to gradually remove the baby's blanket so the dog could sniff skin. We petted the dog while holding the baby, too. Our dog just sniffed the baby head to toe and walked away to sit down where she could see the baby. Both dog and baby did fine - that baby is now 31. Sigh! We did have an extra adult available and ready to grab the dog should it have become necessary. Maybe that would work for Ozzie?

Hope the studio can move toward completion. I think I'd start looking in every quilt room box that's large enough to hold the design board until the room got too hot or it was found!



I have the fabric for my mini Bennington, but haven't cut it yet. Soon. First I have some yard work to do in preparation for a friend bringing me her culled plants.......I love the 70's looking colors of your Bennington!


And thanks for the link to Pretty By Hand. I also am trying to learn to machine quilt. Scary!


Gosh Nicki, it's been two days without a picture of Evangeline! Please indulge us! I need a daily dose of my grand neice.


Love the bow ties! Sandy always has such great fall colors. This will be a lovely tabletopper for your new house. I hope progress happens soon on the studio--or is your hubby upset that he didn't end up getting that swell space? lol!

Evie's coming to Grandma's! How exciting. Hope the bone-headed dog ignores her. Well, she's portable and can stay in her infant seat safely on a table!


cute little schnibble table topper. It will look beautiful for the fall. Good luck with Ozzie and the baby. Have a good visit with Sara...those kinds of non-stressful visits for some of the first outings were helpful to get used to traveling with baby and baby used to traveling. Have fun with her...and have a great conversation with your hubby so that you can begin the studio remodel!

Linda Vaughn

A few months ago when our grandbaby met our scottish TERRIERS we kept him in his car seat until they could sniff and yes, lick his feet and satisfy their curiousity. Gradually they were happy, watchful, but happy with the introduction. Now,even tho' the three of them are never left in room alone together they are accepting of his presence.. protective even when "out siders" visit. I am sure you will have a great meeting. Love your table topper I too am ready to quilt mine (gulp) so carry on!


Yeah, what she said! More photos, if you please! Eva is too cute not to share! And, if the meeting with Ozzie goes well, why don't you include a pix of that, too?! Oh, and the table topper is mighty cute!


I love all the Farmer's Wife blocks.. love yours with Annie's Farm Stand and also Kristine's. So many wonderful photos its killing me.


I really can picture that quilt in your kitchen, Nicole! I'm sure your machine quilting will be fantastic, too! Ozzie is so cute wanting to see Baby E closer! Maybe he thinks he has a new playmate (well, someday when she is older for sure)! Good luck in finding the rest of your sewing things!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I'm loving the quilt. I like the blog you discovered too, Pretty By Hand.

Deb A

Cute table topper. We have 2 mini doxies, male/female. Our female LOVES our 1 yr. old granddaughter, just wants to lick her to death, but our male doesn't like her one little bit and hasn't since she was born - has to be jealously. When she was smaller he tried to pull her socks off her feet all the time, or was he really trying to pull her away? Now that she's walking he barks at her and tries to stay away from her, because she goes after him. I'm hoping with time, he'll start to love her as much as he does our kids.

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