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August 26, 2011



Wish I was closer (than Michigan, I guess) cuz I would have invited myself over for dinner. YUM! Our corn is delicious right now - and I could eat 8 ears but I won't...picking some up today at the farmer's market stand near my physical therapy!

Glad you had a good day, the three of you. Enjoy your weekend (and I may consider the hot fudge sundae if I didn't eat too many ears of corn)! LOL

Barbara Anne

Yum!!! This is why we've enjoyed our garden so very, very much.

AMIL and I went to the Farmer's Market yesterday, too. We needed peaches and hard country pears for making jam.

Have you ever heard of leaving the husks on the corn and microwaving up to 3 ears for 3 min, turning them over for another 3 min.? Seriously, they are hot to shuck but this is the most flavorful way to prepare corn I've ever tasted. Give it a try!

Please keep those of us on the East Coast in your prayers as Hurricane Irene goes by. I hope and pray Irene goes out to sea immediately. Yikes!
I mean, what is up with an earthquake and a hurricane threat all in the same week??

Be good to you!



I'm having serious corn envy! In our area of the country we had such a long, cool Spring the farmers just aren't getting the normal corn crop. So much so that a local service club's annual dinner this week-end will most likely substitute baked beans where corn is usually featured. bah-humbug!

Debbie R.

It is the time of the year to enjoy all the fresh produce. Southwestern Ontario is rich in produce at this time of year, so we're enjoying it all, too. It's nice to see that you eat well, and elegantly (placemat, wine glass and all), even on your own. Enjoy!
Debbie R.


If I shopped the outer aisles of my grocery store it would be produce, meat and wine. Not a bad combination. Our local corn hasn't arrived yet with our cool spring, so looking forward to it.

Paula Zumaris

Nicole, you are such a tease! If we aren't drolling over your material, it's your food.


Sounds wonderful! I'm from Michigan and the produce I had as a child was amazing! I'd sit on the back porch and eat whole tomatoes! The watermelons and musk melons were especially great. We're lucky to live in the valley here. There are amazing farmer's markets and fruit and vegetable stands everywhere.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Now my mouth is watering.


Heavenly!! You and Sarah should swap cooking nights. You cook for 3 one night and take it over. She cooks for 3 the next night and she brings it over. YOu could even sit down and plan the meals for the week of what each of you are cooking and what night. That way all the produce gets used and you don't have to cook every night. ;0

It's hard to cook for one. If I'm just cooking for me, I don't cook. I consider it a night off! ;0

Another trick with the fresh corn: take raw cobb and scrape off the corn. You can add it to salads, stir-fry, or bruschetta. Just another way to enjoy fresh corn.


OH yum that sounds sooooo good.


I've never seen a purple pepper before or had any idea that they existed!

One summer I'd like to spend some time canning and/or freezing freshly picked produce. We get fresh veggies here most of the year but canning just picked would be the ultimate!


I love fresh sweet corn, but this has been a terrible year here for corn. : (


Guess what I am having for dinner in about ten minutes? Your exact menu! It looked so good I had to replicate it.

Lori in South Dakota

there is nothing better than fresh sweet corn and tomatoes out of the garden!


Looks so yummy! I'm spoiled with our sweet Brentwood corn here :) At CornFest, you would see the kids peel the ears and just eat it raw...such great pics! We also throw the corn on the bbq with the husks on, just make sure you put them on before everything else...the corn comes out perfect! Thanks for sharing your bruschetta it too. Hmmm, I'm thinking fresh fruit margaritas :0


Yes, I shop around the outside of the grocery store ... and them I head to the check out via the cookie aisle. ;)

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