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September 13, 2011



Looking at the quilt blocks you've already made, my vote is to keep the red blocks in. I think your quilt would be dull without them. Please share pics with us of the finished quilt and have a wonderful time at your retreat!


So far I like the red blocks. I will be excited for you to finish this one! It is a great project and great pattern. I have found that ALL of the FIT TO BE rulers are wonderful and provide great accuracy. Have fun at your retreat!


I like the red blocks. I'd keep them in. Love the pattern


I would definitely leave in the red blocks. I too am working on a quilt with a ton of flying geese - I'll have to look see if I can find the Fit to Be Geese ruler. Enjoy your retreat.

Barbara Anne

Lovely fabrics (reds included) and a wonderful block pattern! I'm from Tennessee where the Shiloh Battlefield is located so I may have to make this quilt.

You know, I never buy kits because I don't want to take time to make a quilt that has lots of duplicates in the world. Your solution using some of your stash fabrics mixed in with the kit fabrics gives you a one-of-a-kind quilt, too. Well done!

I've never seen any Fit TO Be tool and find this one interesting. I use the method that gives you 4 matching geese at a time.

How wonderful to happily anticipate sewing with your friends next week!!!


Denise Downey

I agree. I think the red blocks really add a nice splash of color without taking away from the others.
I am always in awe of your quilts and hope that one day I'll be able to put one together as beautiful as your's!

Lisa D.

Super pretty fabrics - I can't wait for a closer look. Will see you SOON!!!!


The blocks you've made so far have a nice amount of red, in my opinion. If you stay with that mix of colors you won't go wrong! Have a great time on your retreat...better take a little photo of Eva so you can admire her cuteness as you sew!!

Laurie in Iowa

I'd keep the red blocks. Great pattern.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

This is going to be beautiful. I vote in favor of the red blocks.

Paulette Doyle

This quilt is going to be the colour choice!! Sheer perfection!


I like the red blocks a lot! Maybe you just need to see more red in the mix? And that Arnold's Attic fabric is going to be a great adddition to your other blocks.

Helen in Switzerland

I LOVE those blocks Nicole - my favorite flying geese of course!! I think you should keep the red - itmakes areally nice contrast with the greens!


How fun to be getting together with friends to sew! I love Arnold's Attic fabrics too. The greens and oranges are terrific. The blocks are looking wonderful.


I like the red blocks and really the whole project. If you can add fabrics from your stash to make the quilt better (and more "you") then I say go for it. I buy kits and sometimes wind up cannibalizing them for a completely different project. I am about to do that right now, as a matter of fact.


It looks great. We buy kits for the foundation of a quilt, not for the whole thing. It's great to "mix it up" when it comes to fabric collections.


To die for, Nicole! I can't wait to see the finish after your retreat! Say hi to Lisa for me!

Tracey Holzer

Crazy beautiful...and most quilts seem to need red in them. I vote to keep the red.

Sinta Renee

Gotta go with the red- IN! Gorgeous beginning your quilt. Have fun on your get together! Isn't this an annual event???

Sandy (Strlady)

I love that pattern. My daughter made it as part of her wedding quilts and your little piles looked like the ones she made as she put hers together:

Here is a pic of the final quilt:

I just bound it the week before last. It is my favorite of all her wedding pieces. I'm sure it will become one of your favorites too.


Great pattern! You are more patient with flying geese than I am. I need to check into that ruler.

Sandy (Strlady)

Sorry.. here is the link for the little piles. It seems to be the standard procedure to put these blocks together. LOL!


AWESOME!!!! She's BACK! Yes, you! The sewer you! Who needs a studio when you have friends to sew with?? We always end up in someone's kitchen(mine), dining room(best friend) or new studio(other close girlfriend!)

It doesn't matter WHERE you sew. It just matters that you sew!! Have fun! ;0

Jan S.

Great blocks. I like that you change a kit to make it your own, and that you precut before a retreat. It is fun to have it ready to just sit and sew!


I like the red blocks. Looks like it will be a great quilt, and a fun project to work on at your retreat.

I just bought the Fit to Be Geese ruler last weekend and am looking forward to using it.

Have a good time!

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