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September 06, 2011


Barbara Anne

Wow! It's like Christmas came early! What a lovely gift you left for yourself to find!!!!!!

Yes, packing like with like and putting specific labels on each box is a life saver, a frustration saver, and a time saver. It does take away the magic of discovery and adventure as you open boxes though... so it might be a toss up. You've got the fun of discovery and magic. Not bad!

Cheers for your DH's new job!!!

Just a thought but you might find used cabinetry for sale on Craigslist or in the newspaper that would be just the thing for your studio and far less expensive than custom cabinets. Even Ikea cabinets might do the job?



It's like finding a buried treasure! I'm excited for you! That is going to be beautiful when it's done! Congrats to hubby on the new job!


We crafters do have short attention spans - always wanting to start a new project so that the old one gets put aside for us to rediscover. This one looks lovely and I am sure you will finish it this time around.
Congratulations to your husband on landing a new job.


Hurray for your DH's new job! I'm sure it's a relief for both of you! Your studio will be beautiful and inspiring before you know it! Meanwhile, you can work on those 'new' discoveries between visits with Sara & Eva! Love this first one!


Very cute! And with the other projects packed away you won't get distracted! (trying to think positive here...)


Hooray for reviving a UFO, and congratulations to your husband on landing a new job! It's such a big accomplishment in an economy like this. I have a Peace on Earth WIP or two of my own lingering in my project bin. I'm excited to see how you finish your BOM!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Just like Christmas - a wonderful surprise in the box. That is going to be a beauty!

Mary Flynn

Oh how fun! I bet you can finish this one up just in time for this year too!!! Oh can relate to boxes laying about...we spent many years in the military and my stash lived in boxes and tubs. It was like a scavenger hunt to find anything...and at times those surprises!


I only just finished that quilt this past year so you are doing just fine!!!


I once got some advice from a quilter ... if you finish a quilt and you don't like it, hide it in a closet for 6 months or a year. Chances are, you'll love it all over again when you rediscover it.

I suppose you've just done this for yourself, just not on purpose. ;) I'm so excited for your treasure hunt as you find things you once loved and (sort of) lost. What you've shown so far is DEFINITELY worth finding.

Have fun! You deserve it. :)


Congrats to DH, it's been a struggle for many trying to land a new job. Love this holiday piece, and since you're 1/2 done it should be finished and ready to use this christmas in your new home.


Hooray for your hubby! And now that his folks are safe, I'm sure he is feeling a lot better about them.

Wow, that's a lot of project boxes! It's nice that you pulled out one so far along :) Enjoy!

pam hansen

Exquisite project---I love the Peace on Earth. Mine is stored away until I get to it.
So happy that your husband found a job. Hope it's one that will be fulfilling.


So pretty! It's always fun to find projects that are half-way finished.
Glad to hear your husband has a job again.
Can't wait to see the progress on your studio.


You have your things in boxes? I have laundry baskets! Still have two to unpack from our move in May. But it's cooling down so I think I'll get at it soon. Wonder what I'll find?


This could be could just open up a box randomly and commit to whatever is inside! Like drawing slips of paper from a could have those boxes all finished in no time...well, okay, maybe not, but it sounds exciting. Congrats on new job for hubs!


Going to be a lovely quilt. Sometimes moving is a good thing! Good luck with the new studio.


I found mine and pulled it out this week..........cut up one of the blocks and need to sew it...........I have a couple more made then you..........


I like this cool find! The squares are lovely and I am sure will only get better.

Money is always the kicker, isn't it?! Calories & money, never enough of one and too much of the other! LOL


What a treasure you found! It's wonderful to be re-inspired isn't it?

Congrats to your DH on his new job!


How Spooky, Nicole! I found the exact same BOM with 6 of the blocks made when we moved to the Squash House! I finished it this year and I'm so happy I did! It will really bring a smile to your face!


I love it! ;0


What a fun treasure to find! I have that one too! Mine is all pieced and hanging in the longarm room waiting to be quilted. I really want to get it done for Christmas this year! How about you? Will it be gracing your lovely new home this coming holiday season? :~)
How wonderful that hubby found employment! Congratulations!

Abby Latimer

Love these blocks - I have them all - not started - but seeing your pictures is inspiring me to get going! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa D.

Beautiful blocks, Nicole! I found this BOM in my closet this weekend while looking for something else. I think I only finished one block and now you've got me excited to make this one, too.

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