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January 26, 2012


Barbara Anne

Nothing could have been more perfect that this Sister's Choice block to adorn your sewing studio, inside and out!! SCORE, indeed!!!!!! I can just imagine Grandpa smiling as he saw your delight when you found this treasure. :)

Yes, the Welcome sign is needed. Does it reverse to a Do Not Disturb message as needed?! ;)

Have you stopped happy dancing yet?

Thanks for the link, too.



yes . . . you absolutely do need them all !! . . . LOL . . . this is so perfect for your studio !!

and I am so happy you are back . . . I love reading your blog every morning while I have my coffee . . .

I so missed you !!


I love barn quilts. We have a county on the Oregon Coast that has barn quilts all through the countryside. There is a tour brochure so we can drive the route and read about each farm and quilt pattern. The central town in that country has picked up the idea and they have over one hundred 'barn' quilts on buildings throughout the town. I walked part of that walking tour and hope to go back and do the whole thing sometime this summer. Thanks for sharing these barn quilts. Love 'em!


There is a farming county in Colorado that boasts having over 100 quilt squares mounted on barns, stores and different places. I thought you might enjoy these photos:

Archie the wonder dog

What a perfect find - you were clearly meant to go to that show!!! I can't wait to see the big one and yes, you definitely need the welcome sign too!


Absolutely perfect. What a find. Yes the bigger one for outside, the little one is lost.


How incredibly perfect! Sister's Choice even! :) It will be the finishing touch to your studio. I have barn quilt photos for my screensaver, LOL.


Wow! Does it get any more fun than this? Thanks for sharing this incredible find, Nicole. :) *karendianne.


What a wonderful find, and perfect for your new studio. A welcome sign would look fabulous outside under your large Sister's Choice block. You may not have spent much time at the quilt show, but you certainly made up for it by what you scored.

Elaine S.

What a great find! And I love your idea for the 2 sizes. How fun!

Paula Zumaris

So HAPPY you found the barn quilt!! Your studio was calling for one. Hum, do I need one for my garage?!


Fantastic, Nicole! I've had my eye on them for a long time, too! I love that it's metal which will withstand the elements!


That is such a great find!! You were so smart to stop at the show! Definitely, add the 'welcome' sign and you're going to have such a cute entry way!


I think the bigger Sisters Choice block will look very nice underneath the lamp post! And yes, you DO need the welcome sign too :o)

Lillian C.

I also saw these at Road 2 CA. They looked nice. It looks great on your house.


Eeeeeeeep! Love it! Need one! ;p


I've always wanted a Barn Quilt too, Nicole, and that booth drew me in as well, but I didn't buy anything. A flyer did make it into my bag though, and I would love to hang one of these on my backyard fence where I could see it from my sewing desk.


Didnt' think I was missing anything in my life today, until I saw the Barn Quilts and I knew I was in great need of one! My husband may not agree, but I know you do. Belinda


I can feel your excitement! What a great find.

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