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January 25, 2012


Barbara Anne

Love your Birdie blocks and they're coming along wonderfully. The shamrocks add just the perfect touch for what would be at the end of the rainbow. Good idea!

Yesterday at the LQS here, I drooled over rack of perle cottons but didn't buy any.

What a charming pattern you found at the Bird Brain Booth!

As for the Nearly Insane book, I have to wonder how it ever got published with such poor information inside. If that book didn't have block instructions, my hat is certainly off to the quilter who was brave and bold enough to make that wonderful red and white quilt!

It's long been one of my few pet peeves when any quilting publication, book or magazine, fails to label historical blocks with at least one of the common names. What are they thinking???

Cannot wait to see what wonderful Big Time Score item you found!



Your birdie are really 'tweet. Can't wait to see what you got on your whirlwin quilt show visit.
Glad grandpa faired the ordeal ok. What a trooper.

Judy C in NC

I have the Redwork kitchen stitcheries also and used Sulky 12 wt thread (on a spool) for them. I was thinking of making a sewing folder with one of the designs.

I recently purchased Cosmo #322, red (two-strand floss on a spool)and love it. I no longer use DMC that you have to split when there is so much else available. Have not used Perle cotton yet, but is on the horizon. LoL warmest wishes from Judy C


I could not agree more with Barbara Anne! She said it perfectly so I won't repeat it! Thanks Nicole for passing along that pattern name and review, puzzle solved. Just dying to see what else you bought at the show!

Pam P

I bought this book last year - Liz Lois recreated this quilt by sketching out the blocks by hand, working out the measurements, and then piecing it all together - Block # 18 has 229 pieces - The book does not give sewing instructions - There is a brief introduction, a list of supplies needed, and a drawing of each completed block - it is up to the individual to use the method that gets the best result - Sort of like "Quilt as desired". I think this quilt was meant to be challenging - it would be so rewarding to complete. My copy is on the bookshelf, right next to Dear Jane :)


Nicole...don't let the bad reviews of the Nearly Insane book stop you if you feel that quilt calling your name. I made my NI, also known as Ranette's Peppermint Twist, in 2009 & 2010. Here is a link to my finished quilt if you'd like to see it.
Also, there is a great Yahoo group devoted to the Nearly Insane quilt and you will find a wealth of information there.


another lovely NI quilt...and hand quilted!


Love your March block and love what you added. I want to add something too but haven't figured it out yet so I am sure I'll think of something before it's all done,


There used to be a shop in Manteca called Horsefeathers. The owner was superb at embroidery and design. She always used one strand. Just one. They looked amazing. Yours are looking so wonderful. It makes me want to take up embroidery again.


Here's a link to my Nearly Insane quilt, which I call "Identity Crisis".
Regarding the book -- I think that the blocks don't have names because many of them are not "traditional" blocks! If you use EQ software, you can draft them (I did a lot of them with paper piecing) and I think the yahoo group mentioned by Ranette has links to EQ blocks that others have drafted.


Nicole, here is a link to a Nearly Insane Quilts blog. She gives tutorials for each block. I stopped in for just a few minutes but it looks like just the ticket for anyone interested in making the blocks. It seems very organized and easy to navigate for each tutorial. Just a thought.
I too love the stitchery blocks in the center of quilt blocks. I'm working now on block #8 of an adorable Christmas wall hanging called Tis The Season by Natalie Bird. I started it as a stitch along at Chookyblue's blog (Australian designer) with small but adorable stitcheries. Here is the link to look at some of the finished Tis The Season quilts that she has posted on her blog from that SAL. ... Just scroll down on the left sidebar of her blog, she posts all the SALs she has hosted. I love your birdie stitcheries, can't wait to see the finished quilt. Hugs...


I cleverly forgot to include the link to my picture...



AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You're gonna make us WAIT until tomorrow??!! Dang! You're cruel! You know I'm just kidding about the 'being cruel' part. ;p


I also think the 12 weight new Aurifil would work great on the redwork!

carol fun

Love your birdie blocks - very cute! You mentioned that you thought the Farmer's Wife quilt would look good in red and white and today I came across this blog which did just that.

Thought I'd pass it along = have a great day!


Your Birdie block is wonderful! I'll be back to see what you purchased at the show. I'm wondering.......

Archie the wonder dog

Love the birdie block and now, because I'm a day later than most I can go and find out what else you bought!


What a sweet Birdie block - love it!


love the red/white quilt - so pretty! Sometimes those quick run throughs are just as much fun as others and I am glad you ahd such a good time (overall) with your Grandpa...your granddaughter eatin' the nanners is adorable. She seems to be interested in the person filming her too! Perfect metal quilt for your quilting studio!!!

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