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January 09, 2012


Sue Bennett

I am loving your new project. That looks like one that I would love to do also. Great choice of fabrics for this..


That is the cutest block...I've never used 6 strands, I guess it would be like using Perle Cotton #8...I love those pens! And I'm with you...I'll never freeze my projects...LOL!


Hi Nicole, I am embroidering as well - working on a red work quilt. If you accidentally iron out your markings just slip the fabric into the freezer for a few minutes it will reappear as if by magic.
I have a metal needle threader which has two hook ends - one for smaller needles and one for tapestry wool - you might want to check it out (DMC 3 in 1 is another one that looks practical).


Very cute! Glad you are enjoying the stitching.

Helen in Switzerland

That is just SO CUTE Nicole! It looks like a really fun project - I can't wait to see how it turns out!


I haven't done this particular pattern, but I've found that I have to experiment with the number of threads I use and use the number that is pleasing to me. I find six kind of bulky and will often cut it down to something that is easier to work with.
Love the pattern by the way and the fabrics you choose will make it a bright and cheerful quilt.


Nicole, Why not just thread 3 strands and then fold it to make six...Easier threading I would think. Lovely block!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

It's perfectly adorable Nicole! Your quilt will be so cute!


Wow, that is going to be just adorable. I'm just amazed by anyone who can do such fine handwork/needlework. That is just NOT my bag. I prefer the stuff that can be done on the machine. More power to you! It will be lovely when finished!

Barbara Anne

Love your 1st Birdie block!! I had wondered if threading 6 strands of DMC floss through the eye of a needle would be a problem. Wonder what size needle Corey used?

Thanks to all who offered such helpful ideas, too!

I'll be sure to bookmark the site for embroidery stitches, although I remember many from when I learned them as a child. Years ago I embroidered white pillow shams using red perle cotton as a gift for my mother and I so enjoyed the process. That iron on pattern came from LaceTales in central TX.



Hi Nicole. Adorable! I want to try the new Aurifil 12 weight thread. It looks great in the new Pat Sloan designers group. Take a peek when you can. I haven't done much embroidery in years but was taught very well by an aunt who used to visit California once a year. You couldn't tell the back from the front on hers. Mine, well that is a different story!

Denise in PA

Adorable!! I am doing mine (I am so behind on these blocks!) and am using DMC Perle Cotton (I forget the weight), but it is thick and while I like the way it looks, I don't like working with it - too thick! So, I know what you mean. But, I've bought it all already and have done about 6 blocks so far, so I'll continue. I love the Frixion pens too. I wanted to show a half-finished block on my blog and pressed it - and oops, had to retrace too - LOL! Takes some getting used too o:)


Hi Nicole, I do A LOT of embroidery and yes, I have used six strands. The only threader I recomend is one that I have used for 3 or 4 years and it is fabulous!!! It is Clover. I'll send you the link. It's on sale at Amazon right now.

You also should use Thread Heaven on your floss. It makes threading easier and it also makes the floss go through the fabric more easily. ;p

Archie the wonder dog

I love your first block!

Bari Jo

Hi there - oh my I LOVE your block! I think the six strands really makes the design pop! I am wanting to get into embroidery and I love Mary's site - you are so right - it is so nice to see someone actually doing the stitches! Thank you for the link to how to end!!! Can't wait to see how the other blocks come together - looks like it is going to be such a cute quilt!


I love that site! When I did my first project last year I stumbled on that site and it was a life saver. I actually threw away the work I had done and started over because I was doing tons of stuff wrong. I started using the Waste Knot method to start and stop my work and my back looks almost as nice as my front. :)
I had started downloading that BOM a while ago and forgot all about it. Thanks for reminding me. I went and grabbed all the pieces in case it later goes away.

Debbie R.

Your stitchery (and block framing) are beautiful!


OOOO, don't change a thing. Your work is spectacular and the larger stitches show up so well on a quilt block. Anything less would just disappear. Your work has inspired me and I am now going back to a skill I haven't used in many years. I've downloaded the "birdies" and plan to do a block with you. However, you're now ahead of me by one.

Would you consider doing a "block a month" with your blog friends? I'd be interested to see the progress of your readers. Whatever, I'll keep "blocking" with you.


Hi Nicole, It's wonderful to see you blogging again and to see your stitching. Your block is really adorable. I love the colorful borders and the variety of colors in your stitching. I also wanted to talk about the number of strands called for on these adorable blocks. I tried the six strands and found it not only awkward to work with, but I didn't care for the finished look either. So I started over with just three strands and was much happier with the result. In some places, on the smaller areas I decreased to two strands for a more even stitch. I rarely use more than two strands in any of my stitchery work and it always covers nicely and I love the way it looks. Big Hugs...


Your blocks are going to be so fun with those American Jane fabrics. I've got to get one of those pens, too!


Hi Nicole!! I am soooo glad to see you are back :) I kept checking your blog for updates and didn't want to pry. So glad to hear things are better with you and so sorry to hear about your losses. I'm with you on having 2011 gone!! Although, it was one of my "luckiest" for winning things...most ever, but not so much for personal. I'm very excited to see you working on the birdie blocks, I have not started mine yet and as usual you're inspiring me to get them done :) Hugs and much love to you and your family!

Shelley C.

Welcome back Nicole! I'm so sorry to hear you had such a rough ending to 2011, but happy to see that 2012 is looking better already. Your birdie block is adorable! I've found Mary Corbet's site to be so helpful too and I really like the free patterns she hosts as well. Can't wait to see your next block!

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