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January 18, 2012



Don't be too hard on yourself - I think your stitching looks great! Some of the elements are so tiny, I would want to use less than 6 strands for those, too. I haven't done any serious embroidery in YEARS, but this is so adorable I'm almost tempted! Thanks for sharing!


I actually started this project last year when I first saw it but with my health problems I put it aside but seeing it again, I may re-start it. I got as far as making all the squares to embroider and stitching the snowman and that's where I stopped. But Mass General Hospital seems to be getting a handle on my health so it may be time to complete this. Thanks for the inspiration.

One question, do you have any kind of interfacing behind the white to prevent any thread show through? I am using Kona snow and I'm afraid of stray threads showing.

Helen in Switzerland

This is so cute Nicole! Can't wait to see how it looks all finished up. I bet Grandpa is having a GREAT time with you!!!

Barbara Anne

This is such a charming block and your embroidery stitches look great! Your choice of border fabrics will make this such a happy quilt it will be a delight to behold.

I know what you mean about being slowed by an elderly beloved family member. When AMIL was huffing and puffing before her heart arrhythmia and asthma were discovered, I often asked store employees for a chair for her. Most were kindly helpful and quickly got a chair for her. She sometimes used a Rollator walker that has the built-on seat and that was very handy.

You've made me want to get cracking on everything except the projects in front of me!


Dresden Quilter

It is really beautiful.

Sherry V.

A fun thing to do with orts is to get a clear ornament & then put all the orts in it as you go. Once the ornament is full it is very colorful (and if shaken it becomes like a kalidescope by changing).

No, I haven't made one myself yet; but I have seen some in craft magazines and thought they were cute.


It's a different life with a parent in tow, isn't it? Payback for them for when we were children and dawdled, I guess. My parents at least, are good sports - not fussy like a two-year old.

Your stitching looks great! As for the back...what we don't know won't hurt us.


tweet tweet they are so cute. good luck with your errands. Enjoy lunch with FIL


Hi Nicole! You might try Perle Cotton #8 for the birdies. It's thick and only one strand. I much prefer fewer strands and probably would do the birds that way too! Good luck with your project.


Your birdies are looking great! Have you ever tried Pellon SF101 ironed to the back of your fabric? It gives enough stability that you don't need to use a hoop, and hides those traveling threads. It is very lightweight and popular here in my embroidery circle.

Elaine S.

Looking good, Nicole. I'm wondering if I should start this.....


Can you get weaveline in U.S.?Very good for
backing embroidery,very fine.Available here
in Australia.Your stitching looks lovely,the main thing is to enjoy it!
Regards Coralie.(no blog,but love yours)

Christine Thomas

Orts...I knew that word meant scraps (crosswords) but never thought of threads; I always thought of orts as scraps of food.
How sweet of you to be so patient with your f-i-l. Your children and their spouses are watching how you do this thing and your patience and care will be duly noted.
And the birdie stitcheries are really cute.

Susan Ramey Cleveland


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