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January 06, 2012



I read LMS too! Aren't the birdies cute?! BUt I really don't need another project, I have a huge pile of UFOs I"m working my way through already.....sigh

Barbara Anne

How cute are these embroidery Birdie blocks?! I had envisioned using Sara's American Jane strips as sashing but see the completed block has pieced sashing. If every block has pieced sashing, that would be a double row of scrappy squares between embroidered blocks. Clearly, I need to follow the link to see what others have created. I have lots of embroidery floss from my cross stitch days. Cool!

Your new floss keeper looks handy, too.

You do find the neatest blogs and stuff! Thanks!


Mary on Lake Pulaski

Go Nicole! Love your floss keeper.


Pretty sure that's not WeePlay - but another American Jane collection. here is Moda's PDF of the prints from WeePlay - I am going to have to try to figure out later what that collection is, because I LOVE American Jane and haven't seen that particular collection I don't think. Unless it's Peas and Carrots? Is there a print in there with peas on the vine? I have some of that in charm squares, but haven't opened them up yet to see all the prints....


How cute is that project! Thanks for the ideas.

Colleen Gander

Oh, oh, looks like a new obsession coming on. I used to do a great deal of cross stitch and sometimes think I have nearly every colour offered by DMC. And like so many of us, I am slowly acquiring my mother's stash as she is forced to give up her crafts due to failing health. Now, I am looking at the accumulation of threads in my sewing room, I wonder if I have enough time to use it all. I am loving the combination of stitching with our fabric stashes. I have a few small projects, using redwork and find the stitching is improving with practice. It's so nice to look forward to your morning posts again along with my coffee at breakfast. Loved seeing your granddaughter's progress too.

Nancy Watkins

That is going to be ADORABLE! I wish I knew how to embroider because I saw one of these cute little birds on someone's blog yesterday and thought it was so cute. E will love it one day! You can talk about all the little birdies and what they are doing. This will be a sweet quilt!

Colleen Gander

What I forgot to add is that I wish my threads fit into those nice binder pages; but no, with two collections of DMC, I am up to three plastic drawers. I better get using those threads!

Kath Kershaw

Getting my mojo back after looking at your blog.First week back at work a bit tired but I think I am almost ready to get back into my sewing room. Finished a blind just before christmas now its back to quilting yipee!


That sample block from Mary is too cute. I'm sure yours will end up adorable too, in the colors of fabrics you have chosen *ahem* I mean inherited. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I'm so glad you're back in Blogland. I have missed your blog so much, Nicole. I haven't check in a while so missed a bunch of posts. BUt I'm going to get to work catching up. Happy New Year, my friend.


I've seen the Birdie blocks around and they are too adorable. Makes me want to get back to some stitchery since it has been more than 6 months since my last go round with embroidery. Enjoy!


Thanks for the heads up on the Little Miss Shabby blog. It's wonderful.


Isn't it amazing the way so many talanted designers share their creative work with people on line. This one is so cute, can't wait to see the blocks as you work on them. I like the holder too.


I have a goal of collecting every DMC floss. I have found at Joanne's a plastic box that holds them. I found them online too for about $1.50. It keeps them well organized and I love looking at all the boxes and all the colors. I am almost have them all.
Love the idea of the blocks. I will check out the blog.

Archie the wonder dog

I love the Birdie stitches quilt and can't wait to see your version, I love the jelly roll and threads you've chosen!


I am so glad you are back and I am "catching" up with your posts! Thanks for sharing the birdie block info.
I store my embroidery thread the same way .. I just don't like to wind it around :) Am I lazy or what? LOL
Your little E is adorable and I can't wait to see your sewing area finished!


Love those birdies...tho I much prefer cross stitch to embroidery. And I stopped winding years and years ago - slip the floss folded over in half in the pockets. I started storing mine in the plastic floss bags and then sort in plastic shoe bins according to dmc, sampler threads, silks, etc.

Baby E and her toes are adorable! I have a pic of my now 18 year old putting his toes in his mouth that I snapped at a stoplight long ago. One of my fav pics and it sits out by where I pay bills still. Our dog took some time before he got it through his head what were his toys and what were not - he still looks at my stuffed snowmen on the bench with a thought in his head, but he leaves them be.

Thanks for the glimps of your sewing studio progress - what a beautiful, awesome area you are going to have once all finished. Heck, it's awesome to me now! I checked out Sew Many Ways and instantly became a follower.

So good to have you back to us, Nicole; 2011 was a crappy year for many - I am glad it's past! I missed your posts this summer when I was a daily blog checker (I was off work from back surgery). Now I have to try to get to it once or twice a week...but I love to catch up with you!


Oh gosh - an absolutely adorable project, Nicole! I may have to jump on the late bandwagon, too! Not only do I have tons of fabric for this, I have tons of embroidery floss! Love the little packets for stashing thread, too!


I LOVE the color scheme for this project. I am also a follower of LMS and this project caught my eye last year... you know where I am with it? It's all printed and in a file folder, still waiting. So don't feel bad about being behind! LOL

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