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January 11, 2012



Love the pic of Ozzie! When I was a single girl in my first apartment, I had a Lakeland Terrier that slept with me every night sharing the covers and with her head on a pillow. Great memory!!

And great to have you back Nicole :-)

pam hansen

Good morning,
Thanks for the notion tips. The light and sewing guide are tops on my to purchase list.
Speaking of Ozzie, wouldn't it be nice to go back to sleep as quick as our dogs do? He seems like a love.
Have a good day Nicole.

Wendy T.

Well I can see that Ozzie knows how to live!! Isn't it a good thing that our pets are so cute? Otherwise they certainly wouldn't get away with such naughty behavior. Love it!

Barbara Anne

Who said "It's a dog's life"? Seems really cute and cushy to me!! Will Ozzie get in a snit when your DH returns home and to his rightful places?

Thanks for the excellent links!



We have one dachshund (we actually have more than one), Pie, that does the same thing! I usually get up first and as SOON as my hubby gets up, Pie jumps up and wiggles himself under the covers. They all like to snuggle under blankies but Pie has this down to an art form! Toni

Laurie in Iowa

That Ozzie is one smart dog!


Ozzie knows an opportunity when he sees one! Good for him ;>) Loved your notions post yesterday and I just hopped over to see today's tips - thanks so much for these great ideas Nicole!


Ha, that Ozzie is pretty clever! Isn't it cute when they act like humans!


Ozzie is too cute!!! What a life! Love him!


I have one who does exactly that as soon as my husband is out of the bed! Crazy dogs!
Thanks for keeping the notion ideas coming!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

That Ozzie knows how to strike while the bed is warm!

Jan S.

How adorable! My dog has been sleeping higher and higher lately. We let them get away with much, don't we?!


I filed your "long post" and will purchase several of your recommendations. I especially appreciate the recommendation on the needle threader. I've been so vain and am glad to see (or not as the case may be) that there is actually something that will help me thread a needle without "coke bottle glasses".

Oh, Ozzie, you're such a love. If mom isn't happy, come stay with us. You're the best.


OMG! I just love Ozzie. I know you have trials & tribulations with him but he has my heart! :)

Archie the wonder dog

Well done Ozzie for taking advantage of a warm and empty bed!!

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