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January 30, 2012



After checking 5 quilt shops, I gave up and ordered Full House online. I can't wait to make it, probably the way you made it into a neighborhood, and I also think I need that Blueberry Crumbcake fabric! Love it.

Love me those Schnibbles patterns! I've made several and each one becomes my favorite until I make another!

Sue Bennett

I really love the way this has turned out. Great choice of fabrics. It looks really good on the table and love how you quilted it.


Nicole, I totally love this one. As a matter of fact, I love it so much I'm seriously thinking of getting the pattern and making one! :)

Dresden Quilter

It is so beautiful. Your quilting is great!

Barbara Anne

"Around the 'Hood" is absolutely charming! Love your fabric choices, colors, and the most excellent quilting, too. It is so much fun to change little tabletop and wall quilts with the month or season!

There is such a learning curve to machine quilting but I'm bound and determined to learn to quilt my own smaller projects. Did you use fusible batting or regular batting and pin, or baste?

Well done!!



Oh, I love it! One of these days I am going to get on the Scnibbles bandwagon, but for now I need to finish some big stuff.

And I just wanted to let you know that I smile every time I see a post from you crop up in Reeder. So glad life is better for you and you're back to posting!


Love the table topper Nicole! Question for you though, what do you mean by "sink my knots and thread tails"? When I machine quilt I have knots on the back of my work. I would love a hint on how to make it look neater.


What a lovely finish - I've bookmarked this one for the future - just got a few too many UFOs to finish first.

Paulette Doyle

Thanks for sealing the deal...GOT to get this pattern!! Love your topper!!

Lisa D.

OK, Nicole - this is the prettiest thing ever. I love it!

Nancy Watkins

It's the most beautiful little thing...I love it! And who cares about the back...good job! So beautiful that I'm going to make mine just like yours!

Karen L.

This one really grabbed me, Nicole! Have you seen Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr's new book?
Karen L.

Mary Kastner

Adorable Nicole! The BB fabric is perfect too. I made this pattern (the little ones) for a housewarming present for my sister with charms of Primitive Gatherings and I could hardly give it up. It is a great pattern for sure. Carrie outdid herself on this one.


Your colors on this little quilt make it my favorite!!


I love it! Love the Blueberry Crumb fabric - looks great made-up. Check out my Full house at
It may not be quilted, but I made the deadline!


Love the color selection and quilting:)


I am so sad and jealous! I have tried to get the full house pattern but we have no local quilt shop. I have called the nearest one over 5 hour return trip and they don't have it either. They have said they would order it but heaven knows when I will get it. Until then I will continue to enjoy everyone else's on-line and hopefully not get too much drool on the keyboard. Yours looks very cosy on your table with your lovely dishes.


What a sweet little quilt this turned out to be, especially with the Blueberry Crumbcake fabric. Love the blue dishes.


"Around the Hood" looks adorable, especially in your tablescape! I had to giggle imagining it on my table though - it would be splotched with stains and crumbs in no time! I tried to train all the men in my house to be neat and tidy at the table, but I failed! :)


I LOVE it!!! When I saw your first post about it and the colors you picked I immediately ordered the pattern. :) Sadly I couldn't find a charm pack...still looking. Nicole this is so pretty, you did a beautiful job! I am glad you are back blogging. I check your blog everyday to see whats new. Love all your inspiration. :) I prayed for you last fall when you went MIA. :) Glad to see you are back in the saddle and enjoying your sweet grandaughter. Aren't they the best medicine ever!


Lovely! Great idea to revamp the projects into tabletoppers. The machine quilting will get easier the more you do it, really!


So cute, I too tried to make this version and decided I am mentally crazy when it comes to following more than one pattern! I did my houses too big, the squares too small etc etc - I got it done, but now feel like I need to start fresh all over again! I love how yours turned out though!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love it.

Kay Mc

Your quilt turned out so pretty. I was thinking about quilting mine myself with straight line quilting & wondering how it would look, so thanks for the picture of yours. I wasn't sure I would do the AYOS this year, but they do get addicting to make & I keep buying charm packs, so it's a great way to get them used.


Love that Around the 'Hood! And it goes so well with your blue dishes! You can hardly ever go wrong with a beautiful blue collection. I fondled some of the Blueberry Crumb Cake fabric last week and almost had to buy it! That is, until my budget jumped back in my face.

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