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February 27, 2012



How exciting!!! So much some decision making...where to put everything! Enjoy the adventure.


Your cabinets are awesome. Love how your room is taking shape.


I'm green with envy, all that space, how wonderful! Do you think you'll fill up all those shelves? It will be so fun to watch you get organized and settled! Have Fun!

Becky in Georgia

One word ... GORGEOUS!!!! Enjoy!


I am incredibly jealous of all that storage. Have fun organizing and rediscovering what you actually have. When I re-did my sewing studio I discovered a lot of things I had forgotten about.

Barbara Anne

What bliss in a wall full of empty cabinets just waiting to house the tools of your wonderful creativity!!! Will you have a design wall, a rocking chair, and/or a phone? Oh, how will you decide where to put everything?

Have lots of fun and take time to happy dance!


Archie the wonder dog

Oh my goodness, they look amazing!! Have fun filling them with fabric!


Keep the pictures coming!!! Have fun unpacking and getting everything in its place. Can't wait to see it all finished!

Butterfly George

Yea for you Nicole. Enjoy the happy work!G


This looks awesome! I am so jealous. :)


Lovely cabinets - can't wait to see them filled. As to whether there is enough space - I doubt it (if I correctly remember previously posted pictures of your stash) so you will have to be selective (or get more cabinets:-().


Hot diggity dog! Enjoy.

Nancy Watkins

Love your cabinets Nicole. Actually, I'm drooling. You will have so much fun arranging your stash!

Becky in KCMO

Congratulations! It must feel so good to finally be into the "real" studio. Please show us WIP pictures!


Those cabinets are gorgeous! Is the top on the shorter cabinets granite? Can't wait to see the knobs installed! Will Eva be over to supervise from her bouncy??!!


All I can say is WOW


Oh you are one lucky lady. Beautiful cabinets. Have fun playing with your fabrics and projects as you find new homes for them. You will be finishing projects like crazy soon.


Nicole, the cabinets are lovely. I am so happy for you and a little envious. Have fun creating in your new sewing studio.


OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Love these... They're amazing!

Denise in PA

Nicole, it's gorgeous!! Can't wait to see your room complete!

sherri's gorgeous. I am officially jealous...just happy for you!

Christine Thomas



That looks amazing! What fun you are going to have arranging your projects :) Do you mind telling where you ordered your cabinetry from?


JEALOUS. Space and storage. Dreamy.


Can't wait to see those stacks of fabric on those shelves!

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