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February 20, 2012


pam hansen

Good Morning Nicole,
I agree that 16 or 20 blocks would be even better. When a project is so much fun why not keep it going.
I've not read anything on the various blogs about starch on the white fabric. Any opinion?


Love how your blocks have come together!

nancy, near philadelphia

They are very sweet and pinkalicious. I went with 20 for my project and am hoping to finish it up today since I'm not at work. I've been torturing myself with considering a SMALLER size block!


I hadn't seen the block made that way either, but it looks to go together much quicker. I love the pinks and reds in your version. I know it'll be just beautiful when you finish (however many blocks that ends up being)!


Oh thank you Nicole,as if it's not bad enough that I have about 8 projects on the go right now now I want to start granny squares too!


It happened...I had these Ruby scraps from a baby quilt/diaper bag set...lots of jelly roll scraps just the right width...I am now ready to crank out endless Granny Squares...I knew this would happen!
p.s. Your pink & red ones are gorgeous!

Barbara Anne

Oh, will you name this happy quilt Granny's Strawberry Shortcake? I agree on making more blocks more blocks = larger quilt = good! Perhaps this quilt will become Eva's big girl bed quilt, made by her Granny?!

Like others, I have so many projects going, I hesitate to jump in to this one, but I DO like the blocks a lot. You are tempting me.



So cute...just love the fabric.


Oh gosh I love all your combos! So so cute!


Love these blocks! Can't wait to see the finished quilt.


What a darling quilt that is going to be! Pink? Wonder who that could be for? I love the technique. It makes it so easy.


Oh Nicole, Ohhhhh I love these blocks. I am in love with the fabric combo's too. You've completely grabbed my heartstrings.


Although this method has some waste, the time saved is SO worth it! Sometimes you just gotta trim down! And it's not like we all don't have too much fabric. Super cute prints and colors, this is going to be so fresh.


How adorable and delicious are these blocks! Looks like you could just reach in and grab a sweet piece of candy, Nicole!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Oh so adorable! :-)


Love these blocks. They are jut so happy looking. Thinking I will need to make this quilt too.

Paulette Doyle

Gorgeous blocks!! They look very Springy!


Thankyou Nicole your granny square blocks look lovely and now I have added two more blogs to the ones I follow.Really makes me want to start a granny square quilt too but I'm already overcommited at the moment.


This is definitely my next project as I have tons of scraps and can't crochet (knit, yes, crochet, no...I end up with knots). Thank you for showing me how to quilt an afghan!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Oh I so want to do this quiltalong. I love that block pattern. (And especially your fabrics. I have so much going right now, but I might just decide to do it.

Lisa D.

What cute blocks! I love the colors.


SO SO Cute!!!!! Love the pink and red and your fabric choices!! PKM is adorable!

Helen in Switzerland

They are really pretty Nicole - and yes, I think you need to make MORE!!

Bari Jo

Love these! So very Valentiney!!!! So very grandbaby girl! I think the more the merrier!!! Love the pattern for this quilt! :O)


Pretty granny squares! Somehow that name does not do them justice!

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