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February 24, 2012


Deb A

Oh boy, I can sense your enthusiasm over getting your sewing studio up and running. I'm sure it will be gorgeous and I'm jealous!

Sue Bennett are going to get your sewing stuido..Cant wait for the photos..

Barbara Anne

Joy! Joy! JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting that your cabinets have arrived and soon, wonderfully soon, your sewing studio will appear before your very eyes!!

Will there be room for a bouncy chair in the sewing studio?!

What interesting yarn!

Way to go on your Birdie Stitches!



Are you enjoying 'Raven Black'? It looks like the sort of book I enjoy.


How exciting about your cabinets, can't wait to see a finished picture. Please let me know where I can buy the supplies and pattern for the ruffle scarf, what a great gift idea. I just love ruffles. I tried searching on Google but couldn't find it.

Archie the wonder dog

I hope Handyman Bill gets those cupboards sorted soon as I can't wait to see what you're doing with your lovely studio!! Have fun!


That's so exciting!! I can't waiting see your studio!!! Scarf is really pretty. I have never seen yarn like that, but I'm not a knitter. It looks very neat!

Christine Thomas

I knew what those boxes were the second I saw them. I'm in as much anticipation as you...well, maybe not since they're not going in my house. Take pictures of the whole process.

Your embroidery hoop is on in an interesting way. I do mine the other way..."upside down" according to your picture. I would be interested in hearing from others as to how and why they put their hoops on the way they do.

Nancy Watkins

What interesting yarn and it makes such a pretty scarf! Wish I knew how to knit. I bet you are so thrilled and excited. Eva is bouncing with joy for you! She can't wait to get into that studio too!


Cabinets! I can't wait to see your room when it's finished! Whohoo for you!


I think those scarves are so pretty! Wish I had a clue how to knit! Bouncy chairs should be on a list of required items for taking a new baby home--right up there with car safety seats! The new cabinets must be such a relief and exciting all at the same time!


Yeah!, I am envious of you. NO, just happy for you. And Eva will enjoy it. By the way what is the name of the yarn shop you got your yarn from.


Yay for cabinets! Yay for Carpenter Bill! I know you can hardly wait for it all to be put together. That scarf is beautiful! Several ladies here at work knit and I'll have to show them this to see if anyone is interested in trying something similar. Baby E will love to bounce all around in your studio.
sillysally aka choc chip addict


Alleluia! The studio is coming soon! So happy for you.
BTW, I also put my hoop on "the other way" because that is how my momma taught me! Never thought about it before...
And I will ask my local yarn shop to get some of the yarn. Would make great gifts.


I can't wait to see what cabinets you picked out!!!


I'm so excited for your studio. And a tiny bit jealous, I must admit, although I have a very nice sewing area.

Your knitting is looking marvelous too.


I LOVE that yarn! Cabinets??!! Yay! ;p


My aunt has just started her own online yarn shop - I'm going to have to see if she can get this yarn. That looks like really cool project.

Where did you get your Birdie pattern? Is it a book, a BOM, magazine? I think I might like to try it... So bright and cheery!



I'm loving the scarf!

quiltmom anna

Looking forward to seeing your new studio- lots of great cabinetry going in I am sure.
Your scarf is very funky- looks like a very fun scarf to knit.

Thanks for sharing the link
Warmest regards,

Debbie R.

It's so exciting that your cabinets have arrived! I can't wait to see your studio all set up -- and even better, to see you happily ensconced there, back to quilting in earnest!


Ohhh, this looks very exciting, I cannot wait to see your new cabinets!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

The ribbon yarn looks wonderful. Gotta try it.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Your studio is going to be fabulous Nicole. Birdie Stitches is looking great.

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