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February 03, 2012



Enjoy your visit with your son. Your week is probably going to fly by :-)


I can't imagine even starting a FW quilt. I am sure yours will be amazing. I wish you a wonderful visit with your son. Visits home are so comforting to those away.

Sandy M

Great block! I am loving the templates. I bought only A & B but I have made a few templates from the CD. I think that as I progress I'll need to break down and buy D and N at least... or maybe S. Anyway, Love that you have picked it up again. Enjoy your visit with your Son! That is definitely a treat!

Barbara Anne

You make me wish I had a long-term project like this - beyond my many UFOS! Love your fabric choices, too.

Have a wonderful time with your dear son and nearly DIL as they come home to your family for this visit. Imagine their delight at meeting Evangeline!! Oh, you don't have to imagine that for long before it is a reality!!


Karen L.

Hi, Nicole - I'm so happy that you are going to see your son and his fiance. I know you're going to have a wonderful time together.

Karen L.

Nancy Watkins

Well, geez, now I might want to do the Farmer's Wife thing. Such peer pressure, I tell you! Enjoy your visit and we'll forgive you if you miss a blog or two!


Oh how exciting to have your son and his special lass home again for a little while. Have an amazing time together. I'll have to pop over to his blog and wish him Bon Voyage!

Your latest FW block is really pretty. Glad that you are still progressing along with that lovely collection (Annie's Farm Stand, was it?)..... it will be gorgeous once finished.


I have the book, made two blocks, decided I didn't like the fabrics I had started with... so I'm thinking about starting over with some of my piles of batiks! I signed up for Marti's instructions (thanks!) but haven't received the first one yet.

Have fun with the kids!


Enjoy your visit - just had my step daugher vfisiting from Paris for a few days and it was lovely to spend some time together catching up - sure we have the phone and e-mail but a personal visit is the best.

Bari Jo

You DEFINITELY need to miss a post or two so you can soak in all that family time! Enjoy!!! See you when you get back... your tutorial will keep me busy for a while! oh, yes, and the Farmer's wife reminder... I needed a nudge! :O) HAVE A GREAT WEEK!


Good to know you can start with just the A & B templates, Nicole! I sure don't want to shell out all that money at once! Oh, happy day - having Ahren and Mary Ann home! Enjoy your time with them!


Skip as many posts as you need to! Enjoy every minute with Ahren & Mary Ann! We'll be here when you get back! Have a wonderful time together!


Don't worry about us! Just have a good time with Ahren and Mary Ann and fill us in later :o)


MARRIED??!!! That IS exiciting news! ;p


Enjoy your visit with Ahren and Mary Ann. How awesome for you to have a visit!!

Love the thread catcher...a dear friend gave me one out of French General - one of my very, very favs. Check out my December 18th posting for a pic - you may like the bag of bags I received from our exchange!

Looking forward to seeing your progress on FW.

Debbie R.

That's a beautiful Broken Sugar Bowl! Enjoy the visit!!!

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