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February 02, 2012



Nicole, Paulette of Sweet P Quilting and Creations showed the catcher on her blog on January 30th. Yours are sweet in the Kansas Troubles fabric and love the buttons.

julie in the barn

Annie O @ Annie's Quilt Forts gifted me one last week. That might be where you saw it. I love mine and use it every time I sew. It's perfect!

julie in the barn

Darn spell checker!! That should be Orts not forts


Great idea. Thanks for the tutorial. I hope to make one or two of these!

Paulette Doyle

Yup...I blogged about it BUT YOU did it!! Talk is cheap...the proof is in the pudding!! Gorgeous job...and thanks for the inspiration to get off my keester!! haha

Barbara Anne

How cool and cute is this little thread catcher?! Thanks for the pictorial tutorial and the links. Think I'll make at least one today!

Question: under tutorial photo 3, should that read "RIGHT sides together"?

Thanks again!



I saw one last week on Sweet P Quilting and Creations. Thanks for the great step by step.


thank you for sharing this Nicole !! . . . I love it !! . . . I'm going to make one as soon as I get home from work today !!

Sandy M

I love that! I have something similar but this is actually cute! I think I need one. Thanks for the info, the pictures and the link!


Thanks Nicole, guess what I'll be making today!!!


Really cute! And yes, they would make a terrific gift for all the ladies in a sewing group.


What a great idea for my Guild secret sister! This is our first month for giving and I've been trying to come up with a cute, fun gift-y idea! Thanks for posting the pictorial to make it easy!


Your version is adorable! I just made three of these recently and you are right, they take very little time. I spent more time picking out just the right vintage buttons than actually sewing!


Thanks, Nicole, for this thread catcher pattern link and tutuorial. I'm going to get busy making a few. And that tie off tutorial is excellent; I'll be referring back to that.

Poor Eva! I remember how I use to have those appointments when our son was a baby!

I've told you before that I love your blog -- every aspect of it!


These are so cool, Nicole! I'm going to hurry up and make one for me and several for gifts! Thanks so much!


Wow, love this tread catcher. I can see that I'm going to have to make some:) Thanks for the links and tutorial on what you did:)

Lucie the Happy Quilter

Thanks for sharing the thread catcher. You're right they will make great gifts.


Great minds think alike! I also saw that on the blog the other day, and decided to make some for my February Christmas projects. I had saved the pattern, so it's printed and ready to go this weekend. Thanks for the second dose of inspiration!


These would be great little gifties for a retreat. I think I will be making up a lot of these little guys!

Bari Jo

Thank you so much!!! This looks like fun and a great gift too! :o) Sure do appreciate all your tutorials on your blog! I've learned SO much from you! Hugs! Bari

Beth R

Hi! I came across your blog by a happy accident. Thank you so much for sharing your thread catcher tutorial. I am a beginner sewer and this came out so cute! I am planning on stitching several for my stitcher friends! Have a great day. Beth

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