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February 23, 2012



Wow! What a difference one little minute of caring makes! I like your experiment!

Tina Marie

Before, I was pretty indiffrent, but now seeing your example, I think I would like it all nice and neat in a row. Truly, for what we are PAYING for fabric these days (after losing my entire fabric stash (18 yrs worth) in a house fire 3 years ago) it doesnt hurt to get something extra, even if its just a pretty fold.

Deb A

Still right there with you, doesn't it look so much nicer and attractive? It's not even March yet and here in Nebraska my surprise lilies are starting to pop through the ground and I've actually already seen Robins! Way early, we could still get some nasty snow storms!


NOW...your fabric looks completely lovely!!! Great demonstration of how little effort it takes to make us think "I so glad I ordered this!!!" Hugs...


I agree with you. I think details are important and when you get a wonderfully put together package you are going to remember it. When it's time to order again I bet you will remember the well done item and go back there for some more fabric.


When I saw the original packaging picture I thought "Why would Nicole buy such ugly fabric". But when I saw how you packaged it, I had a whole different perspective. I agree, nice presentation doesn't have to take a long time to do. Maybe this company just didn't know how important it is!

Keep up the inspiration! Your blog is one of the first I go to every day.

Barbara Anne

Oh! I could see the bee when I enlarged the photo! I've never ever knowingly seen a California bee. How about that?

Love your surprise daffodils! Nothing says Spring to me more than blooming daffodils. That said, our daffodils bloomed in January. Go figure.

I'm on that hill with you. Presentation matters and you just proved that this shop could have made the fabrics very appealing and even saved the cost of string. Besides, shipping costs and shipping supplies are business expenses so are tax deductible for the shop, aren't they?



See? ...and doesn't the neatly folded fabric make you want to say, "I'd like to have some more of that!" You go, Girl!


I'm with you on the packaging. I definitely like the "I put effort into this" package, but I temper it by saying that I will always order from the place that will deliver the goods for less.
I used to buy at the FQ shop but I have resisted going there just because they are super pricey and no longer mail out same day. The last time I ordered from them it took a week to arrive and I live in TX! I remember ordering from them before 3pm and I would actually get the package either the next day or the following. That fast! I can justify the price for good packaging and prompt service. I think many places are putting more effort into packaging, with better prices. With that said, I love going to thier website since it appears they carry every line of fabric out there! LOL!
My most recent order was from Burgundy Buttons and before that, the Quilted B. Great service with good prices.

BTW: We are having 70+ degree weather here in TX. I'm hoping to see some buds here soon too!

Karen L.

Ah, Nicole - what a difference! I, too, thought the fabric shown in the first bundle was... meh... but extended in the second photo, it was much more enticing.
Karen L.


I'm so jealous of your weather. I live in Colorado and yesterday we had an outrageous wind storm and today it's snowing.

I agree with your demo....presentation is everything. Just ask a chef.....and as a quilter you are sorta a chef....cutting up fabric and making something beautiful.

Love your blg


I live in WA and I'm looking forward to spring. I haven't seen any daffodils yet darn it ~ but hopefully soon! How lucky you are to see signs of spring:)
I totally agree about the packaging of the fabric. Interesting experiment:)


Yay, I found the I am wondering what kind of tree that is...? How lucky you are to live in California where the weather is so moderate. Enjoy your day!
Oh, and you are spot on in saying that when you stagger the fabric it fits ever so much more nicely into the mailer, with less wrinkling. Not to mention how much more attractive it looks.

Denise in PA

What a difference! I was going to suggest repackaging them - glad you did. It looks beautiful now! o:)


I never much thought about merchandising in the shipping of a product but you should be a consultant in it! Those do look a lot better your way. My priority is quick and cheap on the shipping but a little effort has gone a long way here.

Archie the wonder dog

I also like well presented fabric parcels but for me the way it's cut is even more important - I recently ordered a couple of FQs and the way it was cut was truly shocking (although at least they had cut it rather than ripping it!). I don't think they used a rotary cutter but if they did the fabric definitely hadn't been smoothed out as the edges were ragged and skew-whiff. I was not a happy shopper! Your fabric looks so much nicer the way you packed it - have you sent the photo to the shop?

Nancy Watkins

Hi Nicole - I can see the honey bee! I'm anxious to see that tree in bloom, just look at those buds! I'm with you on the daffodils. We procrastinate and say the same thing every year. I didn't comment yesterday but I love getting little packages all wrapped up. Country Sampler in WI is really good at wrapping your orders...I remember the first time I got one from them years ago and was very pleasantly surprised and they are still doing it! My very favorite shop in the world...and you must go there next time you get to WI. If a shop doesn't wrap it, I am okay with that but what really gets my goat is when I have ordered fabric from places where the fabric comes all sloppy, not cut even, and all crunched up like it was wadded in a ball and that does irritate the heck out of me. I do feel they could at least smooth it out. Okay now, have a beautiful day in sunny Cal!


The experiment definitely proves your point! The pretty presentation shows that the company values their product, and thinks it's pretty enough to showcase it in the packaging.


Your repackaging makes a big difference!! What a nice surprise to find the pot of daffodils :-) Sweet Spring.


I stand with you on the packaging dilemma. The new packaging that you did, shows the fabrics to their best advantage and makes you want to get at them right away. The old packaging, with the sad string, makes the fabrics look rather blah and not very inspiring. For some of us, such as myself, our only option is buying fabric online because there are no quilt shops in the area, so packaging is very important and helps get those creative juices flowing.


I always love to go to quilt shops and quilt shows and see the thoughtful and creative way that packages are put together.

Yes, spring is in the air. The almonds are starting to blossom out and the camellias are blooming. Sadly, this affects my allergies but I don't care. It's so worth it!!!!


Ya got me. I'm one of those who said that it didn't make that much difference, but after hearing that it took almost no time at all to do what you did and then SEEING the difference - wow. I think it would definitely be worth a vendor's time to take that extra step and would make you feel even better about the money just spent... You win! LOL

Julie in WA made me smile this morning! One of those smiles that say you are an endearing person and that is why I check your blog every day!!! My mom was always thinking of presentation when she planned a meal...there must be color on the plate to make it appealing!

But....I do still kinda like the string....


Your newly packaged fabric looks so much more attractive! The original pile didn't do anything for me, but now that I see the cute bicycles and see all the colors in that stack, it's calling to me! Store owners should realize that when it's presented more attractively they will sell more, also, so it's a win for them, too, to take a little extra time.


Good pt made, Nicole & no ugly string necessary! Yesterday I thought workers do as they are trained & no respect there in doing best work possible but not costing extra. Perhaps owner should consider how she would like to receive her fabric/order. Also,think about all the choices we have for fabric shopping. Recently, I ordered from large well known fabric store & received many yds of fabric wadded & not folded then just stuffed in large mailing bag like used to ship clothing. When I opened I thought rather than my order I had received a scrap bag meant for someone else. If it hadn't cost me so much I would have returned just like I received because there was no response to my sev emails to customer service.

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