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February 23, 2012



Wow! Now I can see all the fabrics and want to know the name of the black and pink line! Could you let me know what it is? Better presentation can sell more fabric too :)


I am with you on the packaging. I love when fabric is presented nicely; if you are out shopping at the stores, the display attracts you. Online shopping should come nicely presented. I loved the way that Shabby Fabrics bagged your purchase at Road to CA.

Mary Kastner

I pick your fabric presentation. You get what you pay for I guess. I'm really glad you are "loose" again.

Best Wishes,


I'm glad you're sticking to your guns, Nicole! Your own re-packaging shows just how little touches make fabric look so different! By seeing them folded like this is your stash, you are probably more apt to use them sooner than later, too!

Jan Woods Trenkler

Hi,Nicole:It's all about presentation, baby!
The fabric looks so much prettier fanned out and you can easily store it for later use. My
Mother used to cut the crusts off all my sand-
wiches to make them prettier and they tasted MUCH better that way! By the way, she always made delicious bread pudding from the crusts, so no waste there! The daffodils make my heart sing.Thanks so much

Bari Jo

I TOTALLY agree with you!!! I received a very lumpy package today with the fabrics messy and wrinkly. I was so VERY disappointed. Shabby Fabrics and Fat Quarter Shop never ever let me down and I will stick with them. I was feeling dismayed at what I received today and felt better after reading your two posts. I couldn't agree more!


Amen Sister! I agree 100%

carol broughton

I totally agree with you! When I order fabric, I always look forward to getting it in the mail, then if it comes all disheveled and just thrown in a bag, it's like a big letdown. It seems like the sender just didn't care. Another thing I see more and more is getting an invoice and no "thank you" written anywhere on the invoice! I find this really rude. I am not talking about the big fabric companies, but little private on-line quilt shops. Thanks for such a wonderful blog!

Sharon Nisson

I would not have given those two sad looking stacks of fabric a second
look but would have snatched that prettily arranged stack right away! It makes me so happy just to look at the picture, I think I'll order a stack just like it from SF. I'm new to your blog and love it.


Presentation is everything! You bring up a great subject Nicole! It is the same attention that you would want in a restaurant or shopping anywhere. I go back to the places that add a little tissue to your bag/simple!

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