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February 22, 2012



Depends on the price I think. If I'm paying 2-3 less per yard, I'm less concerned about pretty, especially when the pretty is costing me money. The time and materials that go into pretty are put back in the fabric price.
Having said that, you know what you want and how much you are willing to pay for it.
I enjoy getting shipments from FQS, especially with the little envelope etc. Makes it seem less a purchase and more a gift I paid for ;)


No, not wrong, Nicole, just p'o'd. I know how you feel. You've been through so many frustrations and disappointments in your life lately that this was just the last straw. I know. I want beautiful fabrics to just take me away from my troubles and there it sits like a slug, jammed into a package, wrinkled and not a fricking bow in site. Hell, that sure wouldn't brighten my day. I'm so glad that you contacted the company and said (I hope) -- "Hell, I'm Nicole. I have a blog and I will crush you"!


Oh, so people like you are why I keep getting ridiculously over-packed packages. The sense of inefficiency and wasted effort makes me uneasy, and I'd really rather they didn't.


Many start up online shops fail to realize the importance of merchandising then sit and wonder why they don't get repeat business. Your pictures are worth a thousands words. My BF who has an online shop and I were just discussing this issue as I am getting ready to start one. She thought I was wasting my time carefully planning my kit packaging and merchandising themes. Working in Retail I learned good merchandising practices along with good CS reaps sells.


I hear what you are saying. I have ordered from Shabby Fabrics (won a $100 GC from them a few months back..woohoo) and from FQShoppe. Love the packaging & appreciate the time put into my order. However, with the price of fabrics today, if the fabric is of same quality and shipping is reasonable & prompt, I don't care that much about the packaging. I'm eventually going to open it up & cut into it anyway. I think those who don't have the fancy packaging are charging a lower price because they are not paying someone to wrap up my fabric extra special. It all boils down to what I can afford.


Perhaps not unreasonable, but it is good you contacted the other retailer and pointed out your unhappiness, rather than just complain to others - which plenty do. I always think if you have a grievance with a company, let them know. It sounds like you have had excellent customer service from the second shop and most small businesses would want to know how they can improve. Price means more to some, packaging to others, but it still is the overall experience, so yes it all counts.


I do a lot of online shopping for similar reasons and feel the same way. Often it takes a couple of weeks for packages arrive and I want to feel like I'm getting a present to myself, lol. It's great when honest feedback is taken seriously and it sounds like it could end up being positive for the seller in the second instance.


I'm kind of surprised by how may people are saying that it's NOT unreasonable. I think it is. I can see how one is more aesthetically pleasing, but unless the other fabric was actually damaged rather than just tied with "a sad string" then I don't see being upset enough to actually complain.

Debbie B Sam

I know this is an older entry but I am so far behind. Seriously? I can see your point to an extent, I love a pretty package, but your fabric stash must be in a whole lot better shape then mine. I really don't mind what the fabric looks like when it arrives as long as it's not wet, ripped or written on. I always have to refold fabrics to my liking when I get a delivery whether it looks pretty upon arrival or isn't even tied with anything. I have more important things to worry about like cancer then how my fabric looks when it arrives :) Glad you brought it to the attention of the shop owner, perhaps she will give it more thought next time.


Wow, that is a sad looking stack of fabric. I'm with you all the way...presentation is important. Some people have a natural knack for it...others don't.

I LOVE Fat Quarter Shop, too! They have the BEST sales. ;p


I'm not one for fabric looking good wrapped up in nice paper and ribbon, I'm more concerned with my fabric arriving and nothing missing.

As I live in Australia and I tend to buy alot of fabric from the US my only requirement is for my fabrics to be sealed in zip lock bags, as the Priority Envelopes are always a little battered and torn on arrival.

I think a handwritten Thank You is nice from the shop and I make a point of emailing them and thanking them for the gesture.


Not unreasonable at all. Presentation is very important. If I went out for a meal I would expect a lovely presentation of my meal...I expect the same care taken for anything else!


I appreciate it when the vendor takes a bit of extra time to package the fabrics with an eye for visual appeal. I would prefer to receive the first bundle you showed.

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