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February 06, 2012



I love the beautiful quilt. What a fantastic border and muted colors.

Barbara Anne

Mary Ann and Ahren's lovely quilt is a wonder to behold!! What a loving gift to keep them warm in the Irish winters and to be a beautiful link to the folks back home. Applause, applause!!

When I gave my mother a quilt for Christmas,1995, she insisted in taking it in a tote bag as her carry-on luggage for the flight back to Richmond. She said her quilt was not leaving her sight!

Hope you're having a perfectly delightful time together and that Evangeline is feeling good again.


Helen in Switzerland

What a wonderful gift - it's a beautiful quilt - and believe me I know those fabrics aren't at all easy to use, but you did a fabulous job and it will no doubt have a very good home in Dublin!


I just love that quilt.Soothing is a good word for it. One bonus of not having Ahren and Mary Ann there for Christmas, but here now, is that you've extended your holiday all the way into February. Have a wonderful day!


Good morning Nicole, lucky Ahren and Mary Anne to get such a beautiful masterpiece (how could they not like it). I am always in awe of your colour choices and piecing accuracy.


Your quilt is a stunner! What a great Christmas gift for Ahren & Mary Ann! It even looks like it belongs in Ireland! Glad you're having a happy time visiting with them!!

Mary Kastner

Beautiful quilt. Very nice gift. Enjoy their visit -every minute of it. I'll bet they are excited about seeing the baby.

Best Wishes,


Lycky Ahren & Mary Ann! As someone said above, you were able to extend your Christmas celebration all the way into February! Hope you all have a good time visiting and catching up and playing with Eva. What a great week you will have!


*Lucky* not lycky


Soft and beautiful! I remember you working on this one as I was making the same quilt last spring. Kim is a great designer and I have both of her books, with lots of bookmarks in them! Lovely that you could prolong the Giving Season by celebrating a bit late.


Your quilt is fabulous! I love the border print and the colors used for the blocks.


Oh Nicole, you are truly amazing at putting wonderful fabric lines into beautiful quilts! This will be an heirloom to pass on to their future children for sure!


It's beautiful, what a gorgeous border fabric. Lucky kids!


You are such a great quilter. Case in point: your border fabric placement is just perfect!!!!


Your quilt is beautiful. I was not impressed with the photos in the book..those colors did nothing for me...but yours is quite lovely, and I know Ahren and Mary Ann are thrilled.


Now you're an intertnational quilter!
Love the color and fabric choices. A beautiful quilt. Lucky Ahren and Mary Ann!

Nancy Watkins

I love that quilt! I love that pattern! I love that book! They will love it!


I love this quilt, I remember when you bought this fabric and I emailed you to find out where to get it and what you were going to do with it. I may need to make one for our Mission Style bedroom, it is just perfect. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy your visit with your Ahren and Mary Ann, I am sure that will be thrilled.


Christine Thomas

I am in LOVE with that border fabric. Can you tell me specifically what it is? The whole quilt is gorgeous and you did such a nice job with the fabrics and placement of blocks. They will love it very much. Will it be "carry-on" this time?


Such a beautiful present and a lovely reminder for them of their visit. I have that book - it's terrific.

Judy C in NC

Wherever that quilt lives, it will bring magic to the room. It is a beauty. Judy C


Love it! This is one of my favorite patterns, although I haven't made this quilt yet. I love the colors you chose along with the border. They must have been thrilled :-)


It is fantastic!

Debbie R.

It's deliciously, softly and perfectly beautiful! William Morris would be pleased.

Bari Jo

Oh my this is a beautiful quilt and you make me want to get the book even more - it has been on my list!!! I love how you used the large border and did it so perfectly! It is lovely!!!!

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