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February 17, 2012



Love those blocks!!! They look so yummy and fresh! Way to go Nicole.


That is going to be SO cute! Love all of the pink and red.

Barbara Anne

What happy colors in Jolene's quilt and your four new blocks! Love the construction method, too.

Cheers that you're back in your creative high speed gear and happier! Did I ever show you the quilt I made when I'd found only my scraps after we moved here? I know the desperation to SEW!

Thanks for the link to such a great blog, too.

Happy sewing to you!



That is so darn cute! Love the combinations you used!


Oh friend, this is fantastic! Right on. I do love this block but I always thought you needed triangles in there - never thought of trimming squares. Sheesh.


Sweet blocks! Inspiring blogs!! Way to go!!



badlands quilts

The Old Red Barn QA group on flickr is starting this in March...I'm doing charm size squares so I have a hope of actually finishing a bed size quilt. Cant wait so see all the different ones everyone makes!

Shelley dionne

Love it love it love it!!! ALL of it! Shabby Fabrics here I come!

Nancy Watkins

Thanks for sharing this site Nicole. I love your blocks. I am on inspiration overload at the moment and it IS a bit overwhelming! So glad your mojo is back.

Stephani in TX

Thanks for the reference Nicole. I too thought this was a cute quilt and instructions. It looks great in your pink-reds. Your review was short and focused. Think I will find some baggie of squares already cut and put them to use. Inspiration is sure where you find it!!


Well, what a beautiful collection of fabrics for Valentines Week : )

I love how you fussy cut the flowers for the center of the upper left block.

Dresden Quilter

I love the fabrics you chose. I am so happy you have your mojo back. You are so inspiring to me.


Love it! Color therapy!


Very, very nice! That will be an excellent way to use up any number of your favorite scraps! The possibilities are endless. THanks for the links so we can all check it out, too.


That is pretty yummy! I love Granny Squares and even crocheted some years ago, but sewing is way more my thing. I've seen these floating around blogland and they are pretty darn irresistable!


Your blocks are really pretty. I'm itching go make some myself but I'm forcing myself to finish the quilting on my birdie stitches quilt before I start something new.


Wow! You are fast! Those blocks are so cute.


Glad your funk did not last long! The granny square block is a mahvelous idea - I'm going to add it to my list of scrappy blocks to try soon. Thanks for the inspiration!


Whoo-hoooooo!!! You've got it back! Your fussy cut Granny Squares in reds are gorgeous! I hopped over to read the inspiration blogs and I think I have plenty of scraps from jelly rolls to join the fun! How could anyone resist??


Wow LOVE your combos! I'm always inspired by other people's blocks! Nice work!


You go girl! I love your blocks, they look like they were fun to make!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

What beautiful blocks! They really are so fun to make. Thanks for your very, very kind words!


Ca-ute! Those blocks are so darn cheerful! Glad you've found something to enjoy!


Just caught up on your posts, so glad your funk is over - the blocks look wonderful. Eva is getting so big and she is so beautiful!!

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