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February 16, 2012



How fun! Did you see the scarves made with ribbon-looking 'yarn?' I don't knit, but if I did I would be cranking those out all day long!! Glad you're finding something to interest you!!


I saw a woman knitting with yarn like that at bowling last week. The scarf was so pretty I wanted to go offer to buy it from her. I should have - the worst she would have said was no. Maybe she'll do it again...


Cool! My friend got me a skein of a Rowan that is similar to the sense that it's "pre-knitted" and you just knit it together into a scarf. Haven't done it yet, but I need to because it' can't be too hard...


You go girl! I lost my quilting mojo months ago but am knitting like crazy. I figure quilting goodness will come back when it's ready and in the mean time, I am still creating :)


What fun - and a gorgeous color of yarn, Nicole! A little retail therapy never hurts at all!!


I tried knitting once...
'nuff said about that experience!

I am happy you have found a "pick me up".
I had an uninspired year, last year. I could not start or work on anything. I think it had alot to do with having too much on my plate. I found myself feeling guilty because I wanted to work on something else, rather than what I was "suppose" to be doing, so I eventually felt uninspired, unmotivated and a bit loss.

Hopefully when you bring your studio to life it will open the door up to that creative you!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

What a cool scarf! I don't knit either, and I imagine that is not something to learn on. Just gorgeous! Glad you found a little inspiration!


Aren't they great! Usually I can have one done in the time it takes to watch a movie. Must have made a least a dozen last year for gifts and probably 6 or more this winter....looks like you really fussed. Glad to hear you are working your way through your funk...


I love it! My mom made me 2 of these (one red and one teal) and I love them! They are addicting. Have fun!


Hooray for you! I'm glad you found something fun. And I LOVE the color you chose for your scarf :o)

Bari Jo

Wow - that is so cool! I am teaching myself to crochet. Never heard of yarn like that - looks like it is going to make a great scarf!


I could have written this blog title. I have stalled on Birdie Stitches. But I finished a quilt for our lake camp and have been knitting a lot. Time to get back to embroidery.

Barbara Anne

How interesting! Unfortunately, my hands don't play nicely together so I can knit or crochet. Oh, well!

Glad you found a way to be happily creative! Love the yarn!



I have been making those scarfs. A.C. Moore has Starbella yarn in beautiful colors for $6.99 a skein. It just takes 1 for a scarf. Glad you got your mojo back. Love seeing what you are working on. You give me inspiration.

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