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March 30, 2012


Linda Enneking

The quilt is beautiful. I think I may have found a use for a fat quarter bundle I bought last year.

Colleen Gander

Love your interpretation, Nicole. I have noticed how involved pets get into the quilting process, inspection, placement, modelling etc. I am thinking that perhaps that is why I am not as productive as others since our nest is very empty presently. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to explore Monique's patterns in different colourways and giving us the a chance to win too. Have a wonderful weekend.

Deb A


Your quilt is beautiful, can't wait to see it once the borders are added. It's amazing how different they look based on the fabric used. Thanks for the chance to win!

Paulette Doyle

Yikes!! Looks like I'm the first to leave a comment..that will teach me for getting up so early!! Ozzie is a good judge of quilts!! Your version is GORGEOUS!! This book looks like it would be right up my alley!! Thanks SEW much for the chance to win it!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Kay McAllister

Would love to win the book and ruler. We can never have too many toys.


Even if I don't win this book it is one I simply want in my collection. To win both book and the ruler would be a bonus because I don't have the ruler yet either. You are so right about animals and how they somehow feel they need to inspect our if!! Have a great weekend and I hope to get an email that says WINNER!

Sandy P

I really like your quilt! I hope you post a pix of it when the borders are completed. :) Thanks for the great give-aways - the book sounds wonderful, and I'm really curious about the ruler.


Your quilt is an "Oh Wow" is just stunning, as is Moniques as well. I would love to win this book and get started! Thanks for the chance!


Great job! Enjoyed following along on the hop and definitely gotta have that Book. Ozzie always gives me a good laugh.

Lisa LeBlanc

Love your quilt and very nice to see how different it looks with different colors/values. Thank you for the chance to win this cool book! Lisa in Texas


I would love to win this book but I'm sure I'm not the only one! Thanks for the chance.

Barbara Anne

I love your "Memory" quilt, the block, the fabrics you used, and the overall look of the quilt! Your planned borders will be the perfect finish. Applause, applause!

Ozzie's careful examination of "Memory"is the icing on the cake!

Sign me up for your give-away, please and thank you.

I'm off to visit Carrie Nelson.

Thanks, Monique, this has been fun!


Sandy E

Outstanding job on the quilt you chose. I like the color scheme also, Thanks for doing the promotion of the book, its a great way to see quilts done in different colorways.


Thank you so much for the giveaway. I would love to have the book and one of her rulers.


This looks like a great book to add to the quilting collection.

Mary Kastner


The quilt is beautiful. I love your color selection and the borders will really set it off. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Have a great weekend.


I really enjoy your blog. This quilt, Memory, is amazing. So perfectly constructed as are all your projects. I inspire to piece quilts as perfectly as you.
Thanks for the chance to win the book and ruler.


Lovely work as always Nicole, love your colour choices.
Enjoy your weekend.


Probably my odds of winning just dropped as I am the first commenter! But your quilt is gorgeous as usual and the book looks fantatstic. I can't wait to see the quilt with the borders. I have two cats that are my quilt inspectors. What would we do with out them??


Wonderful always amazes me how fabric selection with same pattern can produce such different (but amazing) quilts. Thanks for the giveaway and introducing us to this wonderful book!

Dee Johnson

Love your quilt! Cannot wait to see it with the boarders....this book looks amazing, cannot way to try it out, as well as the rulers.


This book looks so awesome! Monique's patterns are so beautiful and creative. Thanks for the giveaway.


looks like a great book! thanks.


Those are wonderful patterns for scrappy quilts. Thanks for a chance to win.


Very pretty. Can you get the borders on and quilt it my Memorial Day? It will make a nice quilt for the patriotic season.

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