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March 14, 2012



Your Dresden plate block is so pretty! I love Fig Tree fabrics - they always go together so nicely. I can't wait to see your finished quilt! Beautiful x


I keep seeing dresden plate quilts and I am going to have to have a go when I have time, I've bought the ruler!

Barbara Anne

Holy Toledo, girlfriend! You've hit the ground running without a doubt and your Fig Tree fabrics are going to make a really lovely quilt. How long did it take you to cut out those 250+ units?

My head is spinning!

Thanks for the link to Bunny Hill and the tutorial, too.



oh wow! that looks amazing! great project for overflowing fig tree...


Looks pretty! I just read the tutorial and there are no measurements or templates for the plate pieces. I guess you have to buy the template she recommends, or find a comparable template online. This will be fun to do---someday! Or I suppose you could use 1/4 of the block and make a fan quilt...hmm...too many quilts dancing in my head!

Christine Thomas

Nicole, that is beautiful. The benefits of using a collection...all the "scraps" will blend. I've got "Dresden Plate" on my project list in the back of my mind. Now I feel a little more motivated.


Pretty beginnings of a quilt, indeed! I have some of that same yardage and it is beautiful stuff. Glad you had everything on hand and are trying something new that is coming out so incredibly beautiful.
sillysally aka choc chip addict


there is nothing so satisfying as pulling together a lovely quilt/project from materials you already have on hand :) Your dresden looks great - I just adore Fig Tree fabrics. I need to cut into my own stash of them, too...


Oh Nicole, I love your choice of fabrics! I have been following the Dresden Plate posts with Anne at Bunny Hill as well. Even though I just finished making a lap-sized one in January I am ready to do another. (For me this time!) Actually I may have posted a finished pic of mine on a Jan. blog post. Mine was scrappy, but what made it special was that I made it for a dear friend who lost her husband less than a year ago. She is a flowers and lace kind of gal and he was plaids and casual, so I used his plaid shirts to make the plates and sashings and then I used vintage crocheted doilies for the centers. A special memory quilt made for a special friend. I have included a link to the post with the quilt. Hope you don't mind.

Helen in Switzerland

It looks great! Dresden Plate always scares the socks off me!


Dresden's are so much fun to make! Yours will be stunning with the Fig Tree fabrics, Nicole!

Jan S.

This will be so pretty! I am finding the same problem with using stash. The supply never dwindles :) Thanks for the link.

Debbie R.

Oh. Your Dresden Plate is going to be beautiful. Love Fig Tree fabrics! Dresden Plate is on my "someday" list. You're making me want to bump it up to the top.
I'm just catching up on your posts, so just took a tour of your studio, to. Wow! It's fantastic. You (and Sara or a friend) will be so creative, and so happy there -- for hours and hours and hours. Wonderful space!


Yep, I'm making this one too. I've made 11 out of 12 blocks. I'm trying to reduce my stash too... ;p


Wow, I am so glad that I stopped by your blog today! I've been trying to decide between my Fig Tree Patisserie versus Flower Sugar. Now I know exactly what my Fig Tree blocks will look like! You must have been reading my mind.


I am making a dresden plate quilt, too, with Ann's instructions. I have to say, it is lots of fun. I intend to use her instructions for machine appliquing with silk thread...tried one out and it works great. Have fun!


I have been sitting on my hands trying not to start another blog project. I saw this one and love it so who knows.


Love, love, love your color choices. You certainly have gorgeous scraps. This is going to be a stunning quilt!

Megan K

You can't beat the free-ninety-nine projects! You picked out such nice stash fabric scraps. I'm excited to see how this one shapes up.

Bari Jo

Just gorgeous! Love that it was all from your stash and didn't cost anything! Your stash fabrics are so pretty!


I've been enjoying this sew-along too. I'm hoping to make this a summer project. I'm going with a red background, shocking I know! I love your Fig Tree version, do I spot some Folklorique, Joanna's best line ever!

gloria g.


gloria g. Hemingway, SC


A Fig Tree Dresden Plate quilt. Genius!!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

So pretty.


Your Fig Tree dresdan looks wonderful. Great job Nicole!

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