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March 05, 2012


Mary Kastner

Your quilt space is looking terrific. I keep telling myself as a reminder "their brains are wired differently than ours". It's the only excuse I can possibly come up with for them sometimes. My little quilt space is a total disaster. You are giving me inspiration to do some tidy up soon. I never want to spend my precious time doing that trivial stuff like cleaning.


Barbara Anne

Wild applause for the wonderful, thrilling, and amazing progress you've made in your sewing studio!!! It's looking great and you deserve a few pats on the back!

The quilt looks beautiful hanging over your countertop and with the paint color. Perhaps this will be your excuse for making a season wall hanging or two that are made to fit this space?

Feng shui or not, I'd rather not have scissors pointing at my head if they should fall! My scissors are in a shallow drawer when I'm not using them. When I stop sewing for the day, away they go and that works for me in my little sewing room.

I'm chuckling at the miscommunication you experienced with your hubby about the clock placement. Been there, too. What is it with men? In the 1st place, you'd never hang anything in their den or study without permission and instructions on preferred location. Why do intelligent men do this in our sewing rooms?

If other things will hang on this wall, perhaps they should be hung before you move furniture and see if they provide a pleasing balance. You'll soon have a toddler keeping you company in there so electrical outlets are best hidden.

Think I'll sign off before I have to start chapter 2! Oh, we have snow today and an already melty muddy mess.



Your room is coming together nicely. Had to laugh about the "feng shui" comment. I like that you have a place to hang a quilt.


Looking good - I like your "reading" nook.

Deb A

It's just beautiful and will be terrific when you get everything put away. Better move those scissors, just not safe to have them hanging over your head. I wish I had such a beautiful space to work in!

Elaine S.

I love your room.....looking good! And yes, my husband does not like wasted holes in the wall either. We have had many words hanging things over the years. :)


lol, i like the idea of moving the dresser! ;p


My hubby always insists that I mark any spots I want him to hang pictures or shelves with a pen or pencil first. He won't even get out the tools til it's marked! He's a contractor, and his mantra is measure twice, cut once (or in this case, measure twice, hammer once). I do appreciate his perfectionism.
The weather's so nice, I'd just detatch the pegboard and paint it! Then it'll blend right in. Enjoy your "new" room!


Studio looks terrific. I love those cupboards!

Denise in PA

Your room is looking beautiful already! I totally agree with you on the clock thing! o:)


Here is MY husband story: When I want something hung, I want it centered over something -- sometimes that means "smack dab in the middle", and sometimes it means (as YOU wanted), centered over the drawer handles. Soooooooooo, he USUALLY asks me where I'd like something.

One day while I was out, he thought he'd surprise me by installing a wireless doorbell on the outside of the house. Well, he DID place the actual doorbell-button in the correct spot outside the front door. BUT, when it came time to hang the chimes-part (that goes inside the house), he decided to hang it SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALL -- RIGHT AT EYE LEVEL. It drove me crazy, especially because it was directly opposite me as I sat at my sewing machine.

About 2 months later, the chimes were only working SOME of the time. We found out that they were actually too far away from the outside doorbell-button part. THIS time I made sure I was home when hubby was moving the chimes. They are now in a very inconspicuous location!!!


i painted my peg board white, and then took a one inch foam brush and painted squares on the digonal to make a two colour irish chain quilt I did it very rough - watered down the paint a little bit so that the squares didn't have to be perfectly square - think of the holes as outlining a piece of graph paper and you can design anything - after seeing the painting on the plain maybe you could commission something from a close relation

Laurie B

Everything is looking SO pretty - the studio is shaping up nicely - when you are finished it will be magazine suitable!! And, yes I have the same issues with my husband - AND he is even OCD -but not when it comes to my things!! LOL! Best wishes on getting the peg board painted!! I'll be back tomorrow to see what I might be able to hide/ I mean purchase from your stash ;)


I have that same problem with my husband. I've had some hooks that need to be intalled in my sewing room. I've been waiting for months....your room looks great.

Nancy Anne

You are on your own with the husband issues - there really isn't a good solution to that one! I do have a solution for your cutting utensils, however. I keep mine standing up in a tin (rather like something you would use for cooking utensils next to the range) next to my cutting area - very, very handy! I keep another tin near my sewing area for trimming scissors, snips and tweezers (hung off the edge), marking pencils, etc. I'm really loving the new sewing studio and seeing how it is coming along!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

┬▒The quilt you hung looks so good there ┬▒Nicole.

Christine Thomas

The room is looking lovely. Take a digital picture of the pegboard and when you're ready to rehang your tools, just pull up the image on the computer and hang away.

Karen Boettger

WOW! I'm inspired to get my sewing room in order. The clock thing would bug me too. I solved hanging issues by doing it myself. Can't wait to see the rest of the room.
Karen B.


Everything looks so beautiful! I love the hanging quilt.

I have hidden the hangers that are needed to go through our plaster walls because pulling out the hangers causes damage to the plaster. DH has, on more than one occasion, just started hammering the hangers into the wall and not paid attention to how I wanted things. Pondering placement is not something that he thinks about!


Your space is sure shaping up wonderfully, but I have to say that living in earthquake country would make me think once or twice before hanging rulers and "sharp pointy" things over my head...I'm just sayin'.
Why not just move the clock yourself...if it is not done right "someone" will fix it, and it sounds like the paintbrushes have to come out again anyways so a little touchup would not be that big a deal.
Even though I am very grateful for my sewing space I have to say I do envy you all your space and natural light. Absolutely lovely!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Everything is looking great.

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