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March 08, 2012



My Mom has been gone 12 years. I really miss her all the time but especially when my grandsons are around. She would have taken such delight in them.


It's a beautiful post Nicole. I lost my own Mom over 30 years ago, when I was in my 20's. It seems so long ago, and I still miss her. She never got to know her grandchildren, which makes me a little sad. But I know that one day we will all be together again :-) That is the blessed hope.


What a beautiful post Nicole! She truly had a talent, her lamps are so beautiful. I too keep my mom close to me. Most of the things in I surrounded myself with in my sewing room are moms gifts to me or things that she cherished. She has been gone since I was just 26 (1976) but she is with me every moment of every day. Wonderful memories...Big hugs...


I would have loved hearing about the lamps, but I think your digression was exceptional. Lamps can wait for another day, right?

Barbara Anne

What a wonderful tribute to your amazing mother. You are indeed blessed to see her in the women in your family and in your dreams.

I once read a quotation that goes...
"God gave us memories so we could have roses in winter and our mothers forever."

My mother has been gone almost 8 years, too, and her photograph and loving presence grace my little sewing room. She loved COLORS!



I know exactly how your feel Nicole. My Mother has been gone for almost 12 years and I still have days when I want to pick up the phone and tell her about something or ask her a question. Our mothers may no longer be here on earth with us but they will be in our hearts forever.


Nicole, this is such a thoughtful post. Your mother's lamps are a treasure you can have with you everyday as you create in your new studio. One day you will be able to tell Eva stories of her great grandmother while she looks at those lamps with you.


Oh, Nicole, tht is a very touching tribute to your Mom. It brought tears to my eyes.

Denise Downey

Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories of your mother, and for such a lovely tribute to her. Love the lamps!
My mother-in-law passed away this past Friday, and so we've been spending time remembering and laughing about what a character she was. It seems funny that she's no longer here, but I'd like to think she watching over us.
It's sad when they're gone, but we have joyful memories that will always be there to comfort us.


My Mom was my best friend and there isn't a day that I don't miss her.


this is just beautiful . . . thank you for sharing your Mom with all of us . . .

my Mom passed away 5 months ago and I miss her so so much . . . but I also keep her near by having her treasures around me . . .


I sit here with tears in my eyes as my thoughts are the same as yours. When one is close to their Mom, you can never forget them. I dream about mine too, and Dad. It is nice to know that there are special people out there who shower us with love we never forget. We need to hear more of this.


That was a beautiful digression and such wonderful memories of your mother..... our dreams can be so comforting at times. Hugs to you and all the wonderful women in your family as you honor and reflect your mother with all of your varied talents and personalities.


I read you post first thing this morning. My mother has been gone for 7 years and like all the comments previous, I miss her every day. Just as one of the ladies stated, there have been days that I get up to go to the phone to call her about something and realize that I can't. My mother left her sewing machine for me, along with all of her sewing room, and even though I bought a new one, I still sew on my mother's machine because it feels like she is with me. I still have my father and cherish the time I have with him. I enjoyed reading your post. My best to you today.


What a wonderful tribute to your mom, Nicole. It brought lovely memories of my mom back to me. She, too, loved to make lamps. The one I remember most was made from two large tomato juice cans that were available back in the 50s, stacked on top of each other. I think she even made the shade. She also made hats, and most of her own clothes. She could repurpose almost anything.


How fortunate for you and your sisters to have had such a warm, loving, nurturing and kind mother to pattern yourselves after. You'll be able to pass all these qualities on to Baby E!


Such a touching digression, Nicole! No wonder you miss her so much! Perhaps she liked making lamps so much that she knew when she was gone from the earth, all you and your sisters had to do was turn on one of her lamps to light up her memory!


Beautiful...your mum and the lamp...beautiful.


I miss her so much too Nicki, what a beautiful post. It made me cry. What a great mom, I think about her every day.

Kay Mc

My Mom has been gone 8 years, too & like you I don't know how we've gone on without her. I do miss her terribly, but look forward to the day we will be together again. She was always up for a good time & truly is missed & not just remembered.


My mom has been gone 21 years but I saw her yesterday. As I was walking down the path to the back door of my new house she was looking out the door, ready to welcome me. As it turned out I was seeing my own reflection, never realizing I look exactly as I remember her. How I miss her, as you miss yours. They were so special.

Deb A

Very nice post and it doesn't matter that it digressed away from lamps. My mom will be gone 5 years in June, hard to believe and I wish she could have lived longer, well past her 69 years. She missed the marriage of my daughter and the birth of my granddaughter, which she would have loved with all her heart. Keep her close in your heart.

Bari Jo

That was beautiful. I miss my mom, too, in the day to day things and in the big life celebrations and everything in between. I loved your sweet words you shared!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

The lamps are lovely. I used to dream my daddy had not died and was living alone in a house that he and Mama used to live in. I would be so mad when I found out. He's been gone since 77. Mama died in '05, and I don't think she has visited in my dreams at all. And neither does Daddy any more.


What a lovely post you wrote today. It sounds like your Mom was a wonderful person. I love her lamps - especially the teapot (or is it a coffee pot)! I miss my Mom so often too, especially her good advice.

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