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March 07, 2012


Barbara Anne

What a wonderful array of yummy fabrics and what a great quilt they'll make. Wonder what block(s) or pattern you'll be using ...?

It's marvelous that you've been invited to have a quilt in your friend's new book, too!!!! I'm not the only one who has noticed that your quilts are stellar!

Cheers that your sewing studio is coming together in a way that pleases you right down to your toes!! It will be so much fun to have room for two folks to sew at the same time. I look forward to seeing the sewing table and to the studio tour. Do you have room for a rocking chair?

Enjoy it all!


Shelley dionne

Love the fabric line up! And I'm sorry, but you can NEVER have too much red fabric lol!


I love the colors in your new project. I can't wait to see it. My last three years have been finishing projects. It feels great! I have only one flimsy that I need to quilt, and one basted quilt that I need to quilt and I'm finished with all UFOs. I'm also getting good at using fabric I've already got on hand. Just think of it like you're going shopping when you open your cupboard doors.

Christine Thomas

Yep, this is the year to finish projects. That's what I decided a few weeks ago and I'm knocking them out left and right. Though they're small projects, they're getting done and that feels good.

I can hardly wait to see the finished space. I'm hoping to get some ideas from you. My space is little, just an extra bedroom, but I'm sure I can adapt some ideas.


The fabrics you showed us today are just stunning! You can't ever have too much red, in my opinion! How exciting to be making a quilt for a new book!! Whoever the author might be, they're lucky to have you making one of the featured quilts! You really do have your own retreat in that great studio, don't you?!


Those are beautiful fabrics! I can't wait to see the end result :o)


Those are awfully pretty fabric pieces! They will play well together and become a beautiful quilt. Looking forward to the progress reports and photos of the studio as well.


Judie Rothermel is one of my fave CW designers and this is a pretty collection. It will be a country sweet project with those colors. Congrats on a soul satisfying reorganization, saving just what you love! Red and green are my favorite quilts so I'm always running out of those two colors.


Yep, my husband commented that more fabric comes INTO the house than goes out. So true. However, I can make entire quilts from my stash and I DO. I cal it my own version of HSN(home shopping network). ;p

Take pics of Bill's gives us all ideas for our own sewing rooms. ;p


Gorgeous fabric. Love anything Civil War. Looking forward to seeing your project for this fabric, and the tour of your finished studio. I definitely like what I've seen so far. How lucky you are to have this wonderful space.


As a newer quilter, I need something to help me START a stash! Maybe instead of a sale like last time you just do a grab bag sale -- each bag has half a pound of fabric in it -- and sort by color. So you'd have four red grab bags, one yellow, two green, etc... Efficient way of cleaning it out!


That fabric line is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the finished quilt. I think I would be well served to spend my year finishing projects too...way too many flimsies lying around!


Thanks for the fabric tease - what gorgeous fabrics. Can't wait to see your project. I too need to get busy finishing up some UFOs. It's so hard not to start a new project when you have so many wonderful fabrics staring at you from the stash! LOL Wishing you the best in finishing up UFOs!


Ohh, love those red fabrics!!!!

Have fun with your new project.

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