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March 01, 2012


Barbara Anne

I hear you! When we moved and I unpacked my stash here, I, too, was amazed, appalled, and shocked at all the fabric that had been quietly accumulating in my previous sewing room. Still, you have the makings of many lovely quilts and you could choose to use patterns that are or are not traditional.

Love the Smokey Mountain Carolina Collection! You might consider using it for a classy Halloween quilt since the colors seem right for that.

Oh, don't forget NOT to buy any more reproductions Civil War fabrics! Will you frame that reminder and hang it in your sewing studio?!



I find myself in a somewhat similar situation, owning more than my share of fabric and books and patterns, but I have come up with a way to get my head around it by calling it my Fabric 401K. Just like a retirement plan, we can build our account with regular fabric deposits during our employed life so we can withdraw at a later time when we do not have a regular monthly income. So I think you have done a real good job of planning for the future! And if you are looking for a good charity to work with, I have found much satisfaction with helping to start a local chapter of Quilts For Kids. And I feel very lucky to have my stash and to be able to share it. No regrets!


That is such a good idea, to leave the families of fabric in those plastic bags, to keep them together like that! I can hardly wait to see the after pictures of your shelves, all full of your wonderful fabric!


I saw a catchy abbreviation once at a quilt show. It was something like STABLE - stash accumulated beyond life expectancy.


Don't feel bad...I went through the same Civil War Repro thing and have the stash to prove it. Now I work in a more colorful and free style. But that is how we grow. You may find a way to use those fabrics in new, creative ways, or, as you say, expiate your "sins" by making a charity quilt. I am using my stash making a couple of queen size sampler style quilts (which will take til I die!).

Deb A

I can relate, I have so much material, and so many quilt kits that I know I would need three or more life times in order to get them all done. My goal this year is to not spend much money on "new" quilting items, material or otherwise. I do have to finish up the BOM projects that I have going, but need to quit spending. It's hard when I see something new that I like, especially those Jo Morton new lines several times a year, since I'm on the "notify" list for a FQ bundle every time she has a new line introduced. BUT, it has to stop some place, now is the time!


You can make quilt for me, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE repro fabrics LOL.


You have beautiful fabric in your stash, that's for sure! I have no doubt that you'll find lots of ways to use it to make quilts and projects...just 'shop' from your stash guilt-free!

Our guild had a 'free table' for the first time last Monday. It seemed to have quality items in very good shape and was mostly empty by the end of the evening, which is a good thing!

Kim asks an interesting question along the same line in her "Kim's Big Quilting Adventure" blog today:


A few years ago I went through all my fabric, got it all organized, and wrote down all the potential projects I had. Like you, I was amazed at what I had. I have slowly whittled the pile down, completing the quilts a little at a time. It feels great! Like you, I need to economize on fabric spending right now, and it was fun to pull out things that felt new to me and work on them.I still have quite a bit to go (not as much as you though...)


I can totally relate. When I was going through my stash trying to find things I could work on while recovering from surgery, I found an entire Block a Month I had completely forgotten about. (That's in addition to all the other kits, fabrics, etc.) How could I forget a Block A Month that lasted at least eight months???

I agree with Pam above - consider it your fabric 401K and draw from it now that you're not buying so much. Whenever you need a fun new project, just open that door, and viola! A new project, handpicked by you!

I love your new cabinets. I bet you're having a blast getting it organized.

If you need a charity to make quilts for, Quilts of Valor seems like a good one. Judy at Patchwork Times has started posting a pattern a month to make these quilts. My goal this year is to make and finish at least one.


I have the same thing going on at my house. I told my quilty friends that pretty soon I won't even fit into my sewing room. I have so many projects that I will have to live to be 150 years old to complete them. I think it's a denial of death. LOL But I just ordered a fat eighth pack of California Girl. I really do need therapy.


Those are some really cool collections! You have enough now to work on for a long time without purchasing more. IF you can handle the not purchasing part! :) Looks like you are making good progress unpacking everything and will soon be in a sewing frenzy, with Baby Eva bouncing along right beside you!
sillysally aka choc chip addict


Feel free to think of me as a homeless cat. I would LOVE a "Nicole Original" :)


Well, when things get really bad, you will have the corner on the black market! Just think of it that way. Would you happen to have any of a line called Lovina's pressed flowers? It is an older(pre 2005) Moda line, maybe by Blackbird Designs. I just missed out on a FQ bundle the Vicky at LA Quilter was offering. Lovina was my great-great-grandmother's name, and I would love to have enough to make a quilt in her honor. Thanks, Carmen

Linda Kay Smith

I too probably have more fabric than I will use up, though not as much as it looks like you have :) I find it almost impossible to resist a good sale on fabric and we recently had one of our few quilt shops here close so the sales were compelling. I especially love the the civil war reproduction fabric and can completely understand your purchases!
Linda Kay
P.S. They are almost like a little piece of art when they are so attractively arranged and displayed.


I don't know anyone worthy of being called a quilter that doesn't have too much fabric. I truly think that they (those evil Moda people) put some chemical in the fabric that sends silent message to the brain that says, "buy me!"

I have gone through my fabric stash and given a lot away to a dear friend who doesn't have the means to purchase it herself. Made me feel really good.


I am so glad I am not alone with my fabric buying! You made me smile for the first time this morning with your post :) I was looking at my stash last night thinking I would never sew all of this fabric if I lived another fifty years! You have yours so beautifully organized ... I think I will go look at mine!

Archie the wonder dog

Yup, I think that's what's known as a lifetime supply ;o)


If you really don't want to work with some of the fabric you have, perhaps, get an etsy account (or something similar) and sell it. You'd be able to easily recoup your money since it's not available anymore.

Also, there are countries, groups, etc, in Russia, eastern Europe, the Middle East, etc, who do not have available or cannot afford to buy fabric. These people or groups would be very grateful for a donation. Also, there are often quilting groups in lower income areas that would be happy to receive such a donation.

Otherwise, enjoy! You have some very beautiful fabrics!!!

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