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March 20, 2012


Barbara Anne

Well! How cute it this little Terrific table topper?! It does look stellar with your lovely dishes. What are the measurements of this little quilt?

I can see you're back at your usual creative lightening speed,too. I have focus envy. When I'm sewing I distract myself with everything under the sun so I have very, very few one-day or one week creations.

Whatever shall you make start to finish on your next sewing day?? :)



Oh my gosh Thelma, I love this quilt! I'm so glad you threw in some yellow because it gave this quilt 'personality plus'!!! Hmmmm...I really need to get some nice black and white fabrics added to my little stash. That and also reds and whites. Like I told another blogger a couple of days ago, (can't remember who, *senior moment here*) Since the Red and White exhibit last year, then watching your beautiful red and white tribute quilt come to life, I've found that I am 'smitten' with two color quilts, with a little surprise (like your yellow) added in occasionally! :o) Hugs...


The black, white & yellow combination is fab-u-lous! Love, love love your version of "T is for Thelma!" Those dishes are so pretty, too!


Love the quilt and the dishes too! The quilt says "Spring" in a refreshing way. And now I'll have to go look at black & yellow dishes on eBay...

Lisa D.

That's really pretty with your black and yellow dishes!

Christine Thomas

Nicole, that is so cute. How perfect with the dishes.

Paula Zumaris

Nicole, I'm loving it!


That's one Totally Terrific Table Topper! Even if it is TINY! You know, I've never collected black and white prints. They're fun to look at and the designs are all so different. Your little touch of yellow, especially in the corners, is perfect Isn't that just the most fun pattern! I can hardly wait for the parade!

Karen Beigh

The color combo you used does so well in this quilt design. And dishes to match! I am trying to remember if you are the one with so many different sets of dishes.


That's a great quilt! I love the yellow with the b & w.


Thanks Nancy, but I think you have me mixed up with Thelma. She did the red and white tribute quilt, not me! Wish I could take credit for that one!


Another quilt on my list to make. It's so fun to see how different they all look in different fabrics. I love the pop of yellow.


Gorgeous, Nicole! How was it working in your wonderful new space?


Oh my gosh, Nicole, that is just adorable! That added touch of yellow is just enough and it all goes so well with your dishes! Perfect! Your "T is for Thelma Bibelot" is the cat's meow!
sillysally aka choc chip addict


You're my go-to color guru-ess, Nicole! No one can make colors and patterns pop better than you!

Deb A

The yellow gives it just the right amount of pop. NICE!


Wow! You are speedy. I just love it and the colors are great!!! I can't wait to make mine in the red and white fabric I won.


Very cute! Love it with your yellow and black dishes.


EEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP! Those DISHES are beautiful!! Wow! Where did you get them?

I like the table topper too but those dishes... ;p

Bari Jo

This turned out so cool! I LOVE it with your dishes! If I had enough cupboard space, I would collect dishes - love them! I would enjoy seeing how you quilt it when you are done! Thanks for the inspiration - can't believe you whipped it out so quickly!!! I really need to just get busy! You inspire me! I bet you are loving your new studio!!


Wow Nicole... you whipped that up fast... and it's so striking in the black/white and yellow combo. Amazing!!!

Sarah Rothe

I love your choice of a monochromatic colour scheme (nearly). It really makes the "T"s pop! Well done.


love the sassy color palette!


I love your Schnibbles Bibelot quilt, really nice colors. The scissor print is a favorite of mine too. It's so cool that you have dishes that match.


I see you are ready for me to pop on over for a visit. You have a nice "T" is for Taryn quilt and dishes I love! The addition of yellow to your black and white quilt is very fetching. I like that kind of modern interpretation of the old T quilt block pattern. However, I hope we can through temperance out the window and and enjoy a little wine with our lovely dishes and quilt. :) Have fun in San Franciso!

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