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March 09, 2012



Great tip about the "bobbin-holder." Why didn't I think of that? Have a great weekend.

Barbara Anne

What a lovely flowering tree! Is it an apricot?

Love your idea for using pill bottles. Baby food jars are also brilliant for holding all sorts of little bits once the food has been eaten.

Where did you get your cute Nicole cupcake mat? is it also a Round Tuit? You know, the kind that helps you accomplish things when "you get around to it"!

I cannot wait to see you studio pictures!!!



I spy fork pins! Since you showed those awhile back I've tried them and I wonder where they were all my life! Seams match up p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y every single time! If your readers haven't tried them they ought to run to find fork pins right away!! Enjoy the week-end in your studio!


Nicole: I also use a prescription bottle for bent, dull, and otherwise spent pins and needles. The "child proof" cap also keeps the grandbabes from getting to them. My hand sewing supply basket is just too intriguing for them. Thank you for the loving tribute to your Mom yesterday. Those of us who had precious and loving mothers are in the circle of the blessed. Mine was a true treasure and I will always hold her close.


What's in that white bag??? Chocolate??? LOL

Christine Thomas

Pill bottles = GENIUS. And it's "see through" so that's great. I'm very excited about the grand tour Monday and the sewing kit goodies, too.


Know what else works, and is much more fun?? The little tubes that mini M&M's come in! Of course, you have to eat the candy in order to use the tube!!!

Dresden Quilter

Thank you for the great tip. I have never heard of that before.


I agree with Christine, pill bottles for bobbins -- genius! What a great tip.

I betcha that one of your friends made that cupcake mug rug. Could it be our own dear Thelma??? It's darling and kudos to whoever made it!
sillysally aka choc chip addict


That is SO clever! ;p

Can't wait to see the new room. ;p

Bari Jo

COOL! I just pitched one - my son just finished a round of antibiotics - I am off to dig in the trash! hee! Thanks! :O) Can't wait for the grande tour du studio!

Lisa C

I know that song!! One of mine and my kids favorite primary song :)

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Great idea~ especially for traveling with hand work. I'm looking fwd to the big reveal too. I just know your room is going to be awesome! Have a happy weekend!

Sue Brummet

I was so touched by your loving comments about your mother in the previous post. When your mother dies, it leaves a void in your life that nothing else can fill. Our world would be such a different place if every child was blessed with a good mother and was loved, affirmed, accepted and appreciated!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Just catching up after being gone eight weeks. Love the blue and red secret project your are starting. Your studio looks amazing. I still have my Mom and she will be 92 in May. I count my blessing as she has lots of the same attributes your Mom had. My Dad has been gone two years and just this week when I got some good news, he was the first person I wanted to tell, so I did. Hope he heard it.

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