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March 28, 2012



Funny you should say friend just bought a package for us to share and I have not had a chance to use them yet. Thanks for the tip!


You have showed those pins several times. I have got to find them and try them out!
sillysally aka choc chip addict

Helen in Switzerland

Wow! So that's how you did it! I've now got to track down some of those pins - I wonder if they've made it to Switzerland yet?

Barbara Anne

I bought a package of these pins and have had trouble getting them into fabric. Any secrets to help with that or should I try, try again?

Love the fabrics in your block!

I'm off to visit Denise and Monique!



I'm going to try these. It always drives me crazy when the back seam gets all messed up. Thanks for the tip.


I bought a package the first time you showed us the U-pins. It is amazing how seams match up perfectly every time! They're well worth the price and you're more mismatched seams underneath!


Thanks for the advise. I hate it when you pin and try to be so careful and then the seam has flipped over while you sew it.

Patty E

Absolutely love the u-pins...I struggled with getting seams lined up before. After placing the pin you can "flip" and check out your seam alignment before you sew it. What you see is what you'll get after it's sewn...I give them to every new quilter I know.


My way would be putting two pins at the seams. Great pins.

Paula Zumaris

Nicole, you are an inspiration to keep working on acurancy. I bought some of the pins the last time you mentioned them. Mine seem dull and hard to place in material. Might there be different brands out there?


Your block is very pretty. I won a package of the u-pins awhile back. I was not sure what they were meant for, at first, but then I figured it out after checking online. I like to press my seams open and these pins help make it easy to match seams and intersections. I highly recommend them!

Kay Mc

I bought some of those pins last year & wonder how I ever sewed without them. They are wonderful for getting seams to line up just right. I tell all of my quilting friends about them.


You're so right about these pins, Nicole! They really do the job well!


I love these pins, I forget I have them half the time though, LOL.

Deb A

I just bought some of those pins a couple of weeks ago thanks to you. They work great - thanks for the tip.


What a great idea! U shaped pins! I've never heard of them before, but if they help solve the problem of getting seams to match up correctly, I'll try them. Thanks for sharing about them.(I learn so much from quilt blogs!)




Wow...with your wonderful seams and the positive comments about U shaped pins, I must try them! Thanks.


Dang! Where did you buy them? ;p

Sandy M

I just picked up a pack the last time joAnn's had a sale. It takes getting used to, but I'm liking them. Thanks for the tip!

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